the profile list of our therapists

Alison Hughes

  Indian Head Massage

  Swedish Massage


  Oncology Massage

  Oncology Reflexology

Coming from a mental health background I became interested in the body and mind. Following my Mental Health Qualification and wanting to make a contribution to the health of others, my next aims were to gain qualifications in alternative therapies. I am qualified in Indian Head Massage, Swedish Massage and Reflexology. I also qualified as a Dru Yoga Teacher in 2013 and run local classes.

I became self-employed in 2017 to dedicate my time to working in a holistic way through therapies, Adult Yoga, Children Yoga Meditation/Mindfulness and relaxation for children and adults.

In 2018 I started mindfulness training which I hope to keep studying to 2020 so I can become a mindfulness teacher.

Appointments can be made every second Tuesday for Indian Head Massage, Reflexology or Swedish Massage.

Sue Tait

  Shamanic Healing

  Shamanic Counselling

  Soul Retrieval

  Power Retrieval

  Extraction work

  Phychopomp work     

  Past Life Work

   Transfiguration work

  Sound Healing Journey

  Indian Head Massage


I have studied and practiced as a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner Level 2, Indian Head Masseuse and Healing Sound. 

I am committed to being active ecologically and politically following the path of sacred activism. 

I began my studies with the Foundation in Shamanism with The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre. I completed my training in 2012 with the Sacred Trust ( in Michael Harner s core and classical shamanism. I have practiced and continued learning throughout the years; within the Path of Pollen tradition (Sacred Trust) for two more years and then with Carol Day for 1 year: Including Revival which is an advanced training for Shamanic Practitioners. And Body of Light workshop based on Sandra Ingerman s Medicine for the Earth. 

My latest training has been with ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts. 

Shamanic healing looks at the whole person! Is there a sense of imbalance? Is there something that feels lost or blocked? Does the person feel powerless physically, emotionally or spiritually? I work face to face and distantly with Reiki, Sound and Shamanic Practice. Initial contact involves a chat about how you are feeling and what is happening for you in your life. I will offer to do a shamanic journey where I will consult with my Guides as to what course of action is suggested and let you know what those are.

All work undertaken is with your permission and seeks to empower you at every level and will involve your own Guides and Allies. Part of the work may be to discover who your Guides are. We can either meet face to face or work on line to continue with the healing process.


Ann Fowler

  Indian Head Massage

  Emotional Freedon Technique (EFT)


  Aromatherapy Facial

  Crystal Healing

  Hopi Ear Candle Therapy

  Befriending work

  Feather Stone Energy Healing


Ann is a Reiki Master/Teacher with full certification and insurance accreditation in all therapies she offers. She has been practicing for over 20 years mainly in Edinburgh and District. She also offers REIKI trainings and Crystal Healing trainings throughout the year.

Ann is a mother, a grandmother and is always fully present with an open heart ready to help others. She also does befriending work for those going through difficult times and needing a listening ear. She has has received a few awards at the Planetary Healing Centre for her commitment and the love she gives through her work.

As well as the Planetary Healing Centre in Portobello, Ann also works from "A therapy for you" in Leith, Bonnington Bond, Anderson Place, where she offers private therapies and a Low Cost Clinic.

Annie Crombie

  Shamanic Healing

  Soul Retrieval

  Power Retrieval

  Past Life work

  Extraction work

  Psychopomp work

  Feather Stone Energy Healing

  Angel Healing

  Karuna Reiki

  Oncology Reiki

Arts background, Empath, Healer, Qigong practitioner, Shamanic practitioner, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master.

Since I was a child living in the Scottish Highlands I always had a longing to know the true nature of Consciousness, Reality and the Self. At the age of seventeen I had the experience of the yogi, the first time I tried to meditate. Eventually I found teachers and got answers.

"For me it is a constant process of deepening and expanding. Embracing Heaven and Earth. Shakti and Shiva. Asking the question Who am I? What am I? How to heal? I took to energy work like a fish to water."

Eagle Medicine Healing is the name gifted to me by Spirit for the energy work I do. It is the fruition of a 20 year journey.

About the Session:  All sessions are Spirit guided. The session is a natural flow of what is needed for the person in the moment. Each session is unique. Though usually there is a process of clearing and releasing blocked energy from the body and energy field. Then bringing energy in, in a natural flow through the systems of the body, chakras, meridians and all layers of the energy field. All cleared, strengthened and sealed.

I always ask to be shown or taken to the root cause.

A session may include several of the following - Energy healing, Usui and Karuna Reiki, Oncology Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Soul retrieval, Past life soul healing, Ancestral healing, Core Star Activation, Angel healing, Spirit guide or power animal work.

The aim of the session is empowerment, to increase feelings of wellbeing, grounding, deepening, expanding, relaxation anchored in our true nature. So that more of who we truly are and our natural gifts can emerge. 

Annie trained at The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre for over 4 years and has volunteered at the Holistic Health Project at the Planetary Healing Centre for over 2 years.

1hour and 2 hour sessions on sliding scale available for private work. Contact Annie Crombie 07951 643090

Antony Nash

  Transformational Life Coaching

  Intuitive Birth Chart Readings

My journey as a seeker, teacher and healer began at a young age with astrology becoming my first passion. For 30 years I have studied and worked with the birth chart as a tool to bring insight, understanding and awareness to both myself and others. Doing many consultations over the years I began to find that much information and insight was coming not just from the chart but also intuitively. This intuitive aspect of my work has grown to allow me to connect with my clients, the birth chart and their life path in a deeper way.

Always seeking further avenues for supporting and assisting others in their lives and in their healing journey I was drawn to study and train in transformational life coaching as a means of guiding a person in exploring what is true for them, finding clarity about who they want to be, identifying the blocks that are holding them back and finding a path to heal and empower themselves to move forwards towards the life they want.

My own progress along the road to self knowledge has taught me to have compassion and patience for myself and for others. I do not perceive someone seeking guidance as lost but as actually ready to make an empowering leap forwards on their life path. For this reason I came to the realization that supporting others as they grow and deepen in self awareness is something I am deeply passionate about. And so, as a coach and as an astrologer, sharing in another person's journey towards greater freedom, fulfillment and joy truly feels like a privilege and a gift.

Transformational Life Coaching
60 minutes per session  ●  6 sessions recommended  ●  £65 per session

Life is a journey. And as with every journey we all experience times where we are unsure which road to take or how to take the next step on the road before us. If our vision of the path ahead is not clear we can find ourselves feeling stuck or dissatisfied without understanding why. Coaching can address any area of your life that you are ready to bring meaningful change to. From career, relationships and health/fitness to creativity, self esteem, life purpose and more, coaching can support you in the process of uncovering what is true for you today and what the possibilities are for moving forwards in a way that feels authentically you. Regardless of the area of focus, the growth in self awareness that coaching can bring will bring greater understanding and fulfillment to all aspects of your life.

For maximum benefit the transformational coaching journey takes place over six sessions approximately 3 to 4 weeks apart. There is no obligation to commit to all six sessions in order to begin. I offer a free preconsultation before we begin in order to explain the coaching process and to answer any questions you may have.

Intuitive Birth Chart Readings
60 minutes per session  ●  £65 per session

The birth chart can give insight into a person's life challenges, lessons and experiences. It can help you to better understand why you are experiencing what you are experiencing and provide you with the tools and awareness you can use to move through the challenge. Current and future trends can be seen as the planets continue to interact with your chart, leading us towards ever greater levels of self understanding and growth. From relationships, work and money to the healing of old patterns and spiritual growth, learn how your life purpose and life lessons relate to your current life experience as shown in your birth chart, your blueprint for your life. Understand who you are and what you are here to do.

Dhyana Huggins

  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  - CBT

  Embodied Shamanic Counselling    


Dhyana has worked for many years in alternative therapies and supporting roles. She has studied counselling since 2016 and is qualified to level 8 in person centred counselling and addiction training.

Now studying SCOTACTS Cognitive Behavioural  Therapy level 10 with the Centre for therapy, Dhyana is at our Centre on placement.

She is offering CBT and person centered therapy privately and in the project, also Shamanic Counselling privately.         



  Shamanic Healing

  Art Therapy

  Sound Healing Journey 

  Feather Stone Energy Healing 

  Vedic Art 

From an early age, I felt the mystery of life and connection with the Spirits and Universe. I never thought I would be learning about healing techniques, shamanism, and being serving the way i am now but I do remember when my sister brought home some books with description about shamanism and my heart start beating faster and it brought so much curiosity. 

I feel as I have came to the Earth as o wonder soul, often floating above, dreaming so I needed to work intensively to ground and balance myself. Creativity, performance, butoh dance, acting, writing, painting, photography allowed me to open up for the mystery of life and be in connection with the spirit world and the Universe, this is also how I began my deeper conversation with the Universe through creativity and contemplation. I always thought I was going to be a famous artist and actress but unexpectedly there is more for me to touch, feel and experience than that. 

My personal journey of healing brought me to the place where I'm now. So many incomprehensible situations, accidents, and inner pain experiencing the dark night of the soul we're fueled by the transformation and seeking help. Because I studied art therapies, pedagogy, and psychology, I tried to understand what was happening to me, but the understanding was beyond my reach and the tools that were around me. 

Three years ago I came to Edinburgh and this is how my conscious work with energy and learning methods and techniques of healing began to fully develop through my training with the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre - ESC. I am still studying shamanism with the ESC at an advanced level now. I have complete training with ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts, while at the same time became a certified teacher of Vedic Art technique.

My healing journey also opens up new opportunities for me to connect with other sisters, support, and facilitate woman's circles. My love for traveling and our Mother Pachamama feels endless and is rooted in me stronger and stronger each day. I try to capture her beauty and be close to her every day; contemplation has become part of my life. 

Gratitude for the opportunity to heal myself and be in service wherever the Universe shows me the way with non-attachment and unconditional love. 

Gratitude for the opportunity to travel and see the world from the eagle side. 

Gratitude for the elements, guides, power animals, ancestors, spirits that teach me to be in symbiosis with the surrounding world. 

Gratitude for connecting me with wonderful teachers, masters beings - souls. 

Gratitude to be alive and continue the journey of life 





Liz  Russo


  Clinical Reflexology 

  Maternity Reflexology 

  Bio Sound 

  Feather Stone Energy Healing      

Liz started practising self-healing and self-sufficiency eight years ago by making her own soap and herbal medicine. Since she was little her parents used to take her into the beautiful Carpathian mountains to pick mushrooms and herbs. That's where she first learned about the magic of nature, its wisdom and power.

Over the years, she has learned different healing techniques from various cultures observed while travelling and playing music all over the world.

She incorporates shamanic healing, Eastern and Western traditions into her practice. Elisabeta’s healing approach recognises and honours the need for connection with our bodies but also with the universal truths, nature and each other.

Reflexology and sound therapy are her small contribution towards bridging these gaps and bringing awareness back to our bodies.

Liz Russo's webiste:

Lynn McFadyen


  Sweedish Massage

  Remedial Massage


  Indian Head Massage

  CranioSacral Therapy (in training)   

 I became interested in holistic therapies after a long spell of lower back pain that plagued me for over 5 years. I eventually found a Manipulative Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist in February 2000 who transformed my life (refer to link to read my case notes: The holistic approach used during my treatment plan restored my mobility and freed me from back pain. The transformation sparked my interest in learning more about this therapy approach, using manipulation, massage and exercise techniques to enable both physical and emotional recovery. In 2004 I signed up for the Swedish Massage Course with Scottish Massage Schools in Edinburgh. I have continued to attend various courses to expand my knowledge of body work (physical and energy), leading to my present training in ‘John Upledger’s Cranial Sacral Therapy’ (started May 2019). Having experienced the significant physical and emotional well-being benefits of massage, I was then in the fortunate and privileged position to be able to offer this therapy to family, friends and work colleagues. For over 15 years I have been treating people with a variety of issues (e.g. shoulder, neck and back pain, restricted range of movements, stress and relaxation) while working in the financial sector. In 2019, after 38 years as an IT professional, I decided to take early retirement to focus on my holistic therapy work. It was my intention to also offer these therapies on a voluntary basis, to help others experience the wonderful benefits. As a result, I was delighted to be accepted as a volunteer therapist with the Holistic Well-being Project at The Planetary Healing Centre in August 2019

Emma Stout


  Shamanic Healing

  Soul Retrieval

  Power Retrieval

  Past Life work

  Extraction work

  Oncology massage

My name is Emma Stout and I am a holistic practitioner and healer born in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was a very sensitive child and became an energy healer at a young age. After my school years, I went on to study Massage, Holistic Therapies and Complementary Healthcare up to degree level from Edinburgh Napier University.

I come from a Scottish and Irish family of musicians, and have worked with many traditional tools for healing, balance and self-empowerment when travelling in South America, carrying deep respect for these cultures and teachings. These tools have helped me to connect to my heart and my own truth, and I have now begun to explore my Celtic healing roots. With that, I continue to integrate all that I learn into my life, which transfers into my work with others.

In 2010, I began offering a range of healing therapies to people of all ages, with differing needs and backgrounds, around Edinburgh and beyond. My work is from my heart and soul, and I continue to study and develop as a practitioner with my guides and teachers in Scotland, carrying their wisdom alongside my work.

My intention is to create a safe, nurturing and compassionate space for you to feel accepted as you are and to assist your healing process.

Erika Brown

  Shamanic Healing

  Soul Retrieval

  Power Retrieval

  Past Life work

  Extraction work

  Seated Acupressure

  Indian Head Massage

When I was 12 years old I had my first connection was with Quillamama (Mother Moon). At that time I never knew about 'spirituality', as my parents were strong evangelistic believers. The only thing I could enjoy in going to the church was when I was playing panpipes and quena (Peruvian flute) in a religious/folklore group, with whom I used to travel locally and to every corner of the Peruvian coast, mountain and Amazon. Our music has been the most unforgettable experience that I never ever wanted to leave behind. 

The time arrived and when I was 16 years old my parents told me to leave the religious group to focus and pursue my future with a professional career, so this is what I did. I was studying accounting - something that did not make me happy but pleased my parents. That was until I felt such a big connection with learning a new language - English. So I set up a goal and said to myself if I managed to finish studying Accounting I will get a job and pay for myself something that I really love most, and this is exactly what happened. 

After 1 year of working at an accountancy office and studying English at the same time, I decided to move from the capital, Lima, to the mountains in Cuzco to become independent and experience a life of freedom from the care of my family. This was unusual for a Latin American woman; usually, we stay at home with parents until up to our mid-thirties! 

After staying in Cuzco for a month, I organised my life and planned to stay there forever. Then something magical happened, I met my husband after living there for 2 years, and we decided to move to Scotland to start a new life together. During this transition, I had this feeling there was something missing that I always kept to myself, the real meaning of the connection I had with the Quillamama and releasing my emotions talking to her. My husband, Marc-John, gave me some great support and introduced me to my current shamanic teacher, and since the moment I met her, everything made sense in my life.

I've been working shamanically with her and her husband for 9 years now and since the moment I fell pregnant 7years ago, this path of connection with the Mother Earth from the heart has made my soul and being even stronger than before. 

I understood the meaning of why I came here to Earth; my purpose in life is to bring the message of love and healing from our ancestors - channelled through their ceremonies, shamanic journeys, connection with our power animals, and to make our minds, souls and physical bodies work in complete harmony. The main message that the guides always say to me is: "enjoy every second of breathing in and out from your lungs because the universe will always be by your side".

The connection between the woman and the tree

W: Dear tree, I came here to tell you that I can't stand this life anymore. I cannot live like these people, disrespecting each other. There is no appreciation for my sacrifice to make things better. I feel weak with no energy to keep going with this uncertainty called life.

T: Dear daughter, I did not bring you to receive this mistreatment. I gave you birth to become a strong warrior, to leave your signature in the stars, to become a woman. Now wipe up your tears and show them that you are strong and good enough to keep going with this life; stamp your path of empowerment in the lives of the women in this world, because this is what you truly are, a strong warrior!! Pachamama is looking after you to keep you grounded, and the stars blink upon you with unconditional love.


George Lewis


First, a little bit about me:

I am an Edinburgh based member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, and have a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma from the National Council for Hypnotherapy. I am fully insured, and have PVG clearance to allow me to work with adults and children. I am also CNHC-registered.

Hypnotherapy can help with all of the following:- Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Stress, Self-esteem issues, Sleeping problems, Phobias (such as spiders, agoraphobia, fear of flying), Pain management, Weight management,Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Smoking cessation, Habit-breaking Hypnotherapy can also help with the good things in your life.

If you want to improve or enhance your own particular skills, I can help. Those things that you're already good at, but which you want to do better - like sports performance, business capabilities, general life skills - these can all be improved through appropriate therapeutic techniques. --

My website:


Grandmother Dot

  Reiki Healing

  Feather Stone Energy Healing work

  Crystal Healing

  Angel Card Readings

Privately, as well as the above therapies, Dot also offers Angel Cards Readings

Dot is a Reiki Practitioner who has a love for holistic therapies. . She is highly intuitive and psychic, very sensitive and caring. She loves her voluntary work at the Holistic Health Project and she is very respected by staff and clients alike.

Dot is a mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother.

Private sessions on any of the above therapies and readings with Dot can be arranged by appointment at the Centre.

Julie Talbot



  Crystal Reflexology

  Seated Acupressure

Julie Talbot is offering Acupuncture and Reflexology for relaxation, energy balance and better health.

Trained and insured, Julie will provide a relaxing, healing, confidential and therapeutic experience.

Having worked with people for a great deal of time has given Julie a strong drive to help people to feel better, which has led her to a career in natural medicine.

Both Reflexology and Orthopaedic Acupuncture promote the body's natural healing mechanisms. The former is a relaxing massage to the feet wich removes blockages and promotes healing; the latter focusses on the joints of the body, working with body's meridians to promote healing and alleviate joint pain.

Lindsay Irvine


My name is Lindsay and I hope to provide a down-to-earth, accepting and reassuring counselling relationship for us to explore issues together. You may be feeling low or anxious, or be dealing with depression, abuse from the past or other issues. I respect the courage it takes to seek help and open up about difficult things, and I am happy to receive emails if you have any questions at all.


Sessions are £45 for 50 minutes. I offer a half-hour initial consultation session for £20, or a free chat on the phone for 15 minutes to talk about what you are looking for. There is no expectation that you proceed. If you decide to have sessions, the number of sessions is flexible depending on what you want.

What to Expect

In the first few sessions, I might ask a lot of questions to find out more about you and what you want. In a typical counselling session, we can explore your difficulties together, to try to understand them. We can look at ways to improve coping methods. Also in counselling sessions, I will ask about your feelings, to help you to get in touch with them and express them. I might sometimes suggest pausing and paying attention to how the body is feeling. We might talk about how emotions are ‘felt' in the body. This type of body-oriented work is called 'Somatic Experiencing' and is particularly useful when you are dealing with trauma.

Professional Accreditation

I am accredited with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and I am a fully qualified counsellor. I attend monthly supervision of my work. I adhere to the BACP ethical framework. This means I always have your well-being, safety, and confidentiality at the heart of my work, and practice with respect and sincerity: see here:

Mandy Peat

  Shamanic Healing

  Soul Retrieval

  Power Retrieval

  Past Life Work

  Extraction Work

  Psychopomp work

Mandy is a shamanic practitioner who walks the path of the heart, holding deep reverence for the ancient ways and she has trained with the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre up to advanced level. 

Mandy has 24 years experience as a practicing nurse and she is a Board of trustee member at the Planetary Healing Centre.   

Newton Harper

  Shamanic Healing

  Soul Retrieval

  Power Retrieval

  Past Life work

  Extraction work

  Psychopomp work

  Energy Healing Feather Stone

Newton is a heart-centred practitioner with a profound understanding of earth energies. With a strong connection to the elemental energies since childhood, and a background in tree surgery and wildlife conservation, Newton is rooted in the glowing filaments of the natural world. He has completed up to advanced level of shamanic training with the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre.

Newton is especially attuned to bird spirit medicine. His skills include powerful hands-on healing and deep soul retrieval. He works with sea, woodland and mountain spirits, and is particularly drawn to the Peruvian healing arts.

A grounded and sensitive shamanic practitioner, he is committed to the empowerment of others through helping them nurture their own connection to spirit through nature, balancing sky and earth within and without.

Newton is a trustee at the Planetary Healing Centre and also supports the maintenance of our Community Woodland.

Newton offers private sessions at the Planetary Healing Centre and he can also travel to you.

Renata Falesnikova

  Traditional Thai Foot Massage

  Hopi Ear Candle Therapy

  Indian Head Massage

  Facial Rejuvenation

Renata is a passionate therapist determined to provide excellent services to her clients. Since she had a deep spiritual awakening filled with gratitude at 15 her lifelong journey of learning the rules of the game of life, self-development and self-understanding begun. During her learning journey she has started studying nutritional therapy. She is willing to travel to client's home to provide her therapies.

Renata is masseuse currently offering four types of therapies:

Indian Head Massage

This ancient therapy comes originally from India where it is has been used for thousand years. The areas of focus are the head, the neck, the shoulders, the back, the arms, the face and the ears. It is done while the client is dressed.

She also takes care of the library at the Planetary Healing Centre.

Although this massage can be performed without oils Renata uses natural oils to soften the skin. The therapist uses mostly circular movements to release tension and promote relaxation.

Among the advantages belong better sleep, the prevention of headaches and migraines, the promotion of hair growth, the stimulation of lymphatic drainage and improved circulation of cerebral spinal fluid.

Facial Rejuvenation

Inspired by Ayurveda, this non-surgical therapy is a gentle approach to refreshing your skin. The areas of treatment involve the face, the neck and the scalp. The therapist is using her hands and finger to stimulate acupressure points and to free the muscle tension from habitual expressions in the face.

Apart from other benefits, this treatment promotes the vitality of the skin, better sleep, lymphatic circulation and relaxed, more youthful appearance.

Hopi Ear Candling

This relaxing and rejuvenating treatment is appreciated for it offers relaxation and calmness of stressful and busy minds. It is said that following conditions may be benefited by this therapy:

The treatment involves placing two ear candles into ears separately. After the candle is lit the resulting gentle suction and vacuum are believed to draw the ear wax and impurities from the ear. The candle treatment is followed by gentle massage of head.

Traditional Thai Foot Massage

During this therapy, Renata applies pressure on specific reflexology points on the soles that are linked to specific organs in the body. The treatment involves the use of hands, knuckles, thumbs, fingers, wooden stick and massage oil.

The main benefits are the improved circulation in feet and legs, stress relief, improved sleep and mood, reduced stiffness, improved flexibility, better focus and concentration and supported physical healing.

Susan Cotterill

  Shamanic Healing

  Soul Retrieval

  Power Retrieval

  Past Life Work

  Extraction Work

  Psychopomp Work

  Energy Healing

  Feather Stone Healing

I work from my heart, and compassion and love are central to my work with others. I have a deep connection to spirit, nature and to Mother Earth and I respect the ancient healing ways. I believe that it is through this connection that we can find our authentic selves, receive healing, and find true reality and consciousness.

I worked for many years as a lead therapist in Mental Health and Learning Disabilities in the NHS before retiring in 2016. During my time in the NHS, I introduced various alternative therapies into the mainstream clinical work of the service, including Yoga, Sound Therapy, Qigong, Animal Assisted Therapy, Art Therapy and Mindfulness.

I have practiced and taught yoga for over 30 years and I am a Mindfulness teacher and therapist, Qigong teacher, Sound Therapist and a Counsellor. I trained in Shamanic Healing with The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre and working as a shamanic practitioner has been a life changing and a truly beautiful journey.

I live in the hills of the Scottish Borders with my husband, Kevin, and our large family of rescued animals . I have volunteered, for many years, with two charities in India, a street child rescue and an animal charity and volunteer with a local brain injury charity in the borders as well as volunteering with The Planetary Healing Centre.

I work as an independent life celebrant, creating bespoke and unique ceremony for life events, such as funerals, weddings, baby blessing and naming, renewal of vows and other rites of passage. I also offer private therapies and workshops and can be found at Red Lotus Wellbeing.

I am currently training as an Interfaith Minister and I believe that all humans have a deep need to connect with the spiritual part of their being and that, ultimately, we are all simply human beings just finding our way... in our own way.

I work in the spirit of Ahimsa - no harm - and my practice is to bring kind, gentle attention to every session.

Jill Bertram

  Holistic Massage


  Champissage  (A type of Indian Head Massage)


My background is in science. After leaving school I spent 20 years as a laboratory technician. Since leaving that job I have done teaching qualifications in Powerplate, Total gym and Aquafit. Fitness ,although it’s very important,is not where my heart lies.

At the age of 53 a friend asked if I would be interested in doing a Champissage (Indian Head Massage) course with her. It was perfect timing. I was looking for a change in direction and I’m always open to learning new things. During the training I realised my thought patterns were changing. I felt different, more positive and I was sleeping better.

The case studies I did for my qualification showed that the positive effects I experienced were not confined to me. That summer my Reiki master came into my life through a chance meeting and after going to her for a treatment I knew Reiki was for me so levels 1 & 2 were completed in quite quick succession.

The summer of 2019 I gained a Diploma in Holistic Massage (Massage Training Institute) to add to the “toolkit” and most recently I have done a Hot stones massage course.

I feel now I have a lot to offer as a therapist. It’s nice to be able to offer a variety of different treatments, all are great in their own right, all work on different levels. We are all individuals it’s about finding what works for you that’s important.


Elisa Guietti

Feather Stone Energy Healing 


Soul Retrieval (student practitioner)  


In the past few years, I considered myself an artist, a therapist, a teacher. It was great to embrace and embody all these identities, but very limiting too. I discovered that what I wanted the most in my life was to be free, and to experience a true sense of freedom somehow I had to let go of all these identities.

We are all so much more of what we think, and too often we limit ourselves and in so many ways.Through my journey and the great support of the Centre, I developed a stronger connection with my true self and started to work with the Whole, remembering that everything in this world is interconnected and nothing moves without having an impact. I believe that we all have the right to be free, to expand our vision and to experience the life that we truly would like to live.

My work aims to support the process of self-discovering, creation, empowerment, and healing. I provide a safe and nurturing space where people can reconnect with the beauty of their souls and can access their deepest dreams. I hold the space with love, kindness, and care, allowing the healing process to unfold and simply facilitating its journey. We all have the capacity to let go within ourselves and a healing space can facilitate and support this process.

I offer Reiki & Feather Stone treatments and also facilitate classes that combine intuitive art with energy healing. Creativity is directly connected to our internal source of energy and can help us to explore our identity, our emotions and the world that surrounds us. Becoming aware of our whole self is a precious gift that we all have the right as well as the need to experience.

I have several years of experience in working with vulnerable adults and children, collaborating with Charities and Community groups around Edinburgh. Currently, I am continuing my studies in Shamanic Healing, Qigong and Arts for Healing.

My website: Creative Flow Art

Maimouna Ly

  Usui Reiki   

 LaHoChi (Magnetism with the hands)     

 Phsychic Readings    

 Oracle Cards    


I am a Holistic therapist and a Healer from generation to generation in my family. I am also an artist. I thrive on writing, singing, dancing, listening to music, and I flourish in nature, in calm and peaceful environments. 

I receive you for the therapy or service you have asked with all my heart and availability. Since my youngest age, I have always been very sensitive, empath and psychic. As I did npt want to be different from other kids, I hidden my perceptions for years. In 2012, as many human beings life, my life went through a lot of changes. I had a job I did not like and pretended I was fine, but while I was miles away from my true nature, something I called nature takes its rights back came to me. I had a professional and personal burnout. I was just about to experience a spiritual awakening trough a profound existential crisis. 

The only thing I was able to do was working with my hands, write, paint, and heal, because after this burnout my natural healing gifts grew. Many synchronicities came to me, new people, books, pushing me into an intense emotional whirlwind to understand my true self, nature. I discovered my divine nature, the one we all have deep inside us. I developed new perceptions with nature, spirits, my spiritual guides, environment and the spiritual world. I had a reconnection with my soul. I have felt the call of being a healer, the call to follow my dreams. I worked on the expression of my abilities and gifts and completed them with trainings in holistic therapies.

 I am still working on my unicity and wholeness in consciousness because every day presents new opportunities to growth. I am also continually working on and developing my psychic and spiritual awareness. 

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Molly Shanahan

  Shamanic Healing   

  Feather Stone Energy Healing   


Molly is an intuitive practitioner who holds powerful and gentle sacred space. Her work flows naturally with deep connections to song, sound and stone medicine. 

She is inspired by the benefits of soul and power retrieval, working with darkness and light, collective and individual connection with masculine and feminine energies and self-empowered trauma healing. 

Born in Canada, Molly journeyed across the sea to Scotland in 2016 to connect with her ancestral roots. Both lands are dear to her heart and continue to guide, support and nourish her work with individuals and groups within the community.