The Bihar Project

sustainability and upcycling

We are currently supporting the movement to bring social and environmental change to the people of Bihar

People in UK can get involved by supporting the project. We are still trying to raise £35,000 to finish the stage 2 of construction and setup workshops space. We will also need volunteers to help and running the projects

Bihar is a state in the northern lands of India downhill from the mountains of the Himalayas. One of the oldest inhabited land in the world, in the bank of river Ganges. Which has a rich cultural and spiritual history. It was the land of one of the oldest universities in the world and witnessed the birth of religions such as Buddhism. Despite Bihar's rich history, today it faces social, economic and environmental issues. Bihar's rise in poverty, unequal opportunity and pollution have led me to feel concerned for my homeland and so I am embarking on a journey to re-vitalise this community.

I am Prashant, a native of Bihar, an artist who is working with waste to create social and environmental change and trying to bring livelihood options to those who need it. Like many young Biharis, due to the lack of opportunity in Bihar, I left home and moved to a big city to study engineering.

My mission to rejuvenate communities and the environment began in May 2016. I set out on a journey from India to Scotland on a motorcycle with Ben Reid-Howells and began working directly with local communities. After gaining these experiences now i am returning back to Bihar, India and Starting a centre for community development.

The Bihar Centre

The Building itself was built in 2017-18, as a model for resilient design. Its designed on the principles of a house which recycles its own water, grow its own food and can source renewable source of energy. By introducing Upcycling, and improvising native natural practices of art and craft, Bihar centre intend to work towards environmental challenges and try to bring livelihood options to communities in need. Longterm vision for Bihar centre is to work towards bringing change in people's perception about waste and work towards healing environment and nature.

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