Deepening our Nature Connection

training by donation or free


People are our passion, the Earth our reason.



This training is for those who have already


done 3 or 4 days of nature connection training


Planetary Healing Centre, in partnership with Adele Clarke, is offering this amazing opportunity for deepening your nature connection. This training will allow us to practise and deepen our connection as we reweave ourselves into the fabric of our natural world and overcome the sense of separation. As we continue the journey home, strengthening our relationships with natural allies, our own true nature and community, we will begin to embed these skills such that they become attributes of our being. We will develop the ability to create collaborative containers that help support not only our own shift and healing but also create a field of energy that holds and allows others to experience profound healing and transformation. This is the work of culture repair - and it is so needed. To truly anchor these attributes in ourselves as individuals and for deep healing and transformation of consciousness to happen on the scale needed by humanity at this time - we need to create these containers of practice: reuniting nature and culture once more. This is deep work, this is playful work and it is the work of falling in love with life!

 Dates for your diary
 26th May   23rd Jun 

18th Aug  01st Sep 


  10.30 - 14:30

  "Donate what you Can"   


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