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The Planetary Healing Centre

account_balance  People are our passion, the Earth our reason.

  Reg. Scottish Charity SC 034826  ●  Reg. Company SC 257126

The Planetary Healing Centre is a charity committed to holistic wellbeing, environmental stewardship, and community empowerment. Our work is driven by the belief that personal and planetary healing are interconnected, and by nurturing individuals, we can create positive and sustainable change in the world.

Our organisation offers a diverse range of programs, activities, workshops, interventions and events that cater to various dimensions of wellbeing, including physical, emotional and mental aspects. Through our projects we empower individuals to embark on a transformative journey towards personal growth, inner harmony, overall wellness and overcome mental health challenges.

Our activities promote eco-friendly practices, environmental education, and initiatives that foster a harmonious relationship with nature aiming to bring people back to balance again. By engaging our community in environmental stewardship, we aim to contribute to the collective wellbeing of both humanity and the Planet.

At The Planetary Healing Centre, community empowerment is at the core of our work. We foster an inclusive space where people from diverse backgrounds can come together, share wisdom, and support each other on their respective journeys. Through collaborative projects, skill-sharing, and community events, we cultivate a sense of belonging and co-creation, enabling individuals to harness their unique gifts and contribute positively to the world around them.

Our work holds great importance for the community. We provide vital resources and tools for personal wellbeing, equipping individuals with the necessary skills to navigate life's challenges and cultivate resilience. By supporting individuals in their personal growth and healing, we contribute to the overall wellbeing and resilience of the community.

We actively engage in practices that promote sustainability, conservation, and ecological restoration, helping to address pressing environmental concerns and protect our natural resources for future generations.

Our community empowerment initiatives have a ripple effect on social cohesion and harmony. By creating spaces for collaboration, dialogue, and understanding, we foster a sense of unity and shared purpose within the community. This, in turn, enhances social resilience, strengthens community ties, and promotes a more inclusive and compassionate society.

To continue our important work, we rely on donations from the community and the support of funders who share our vision and values. By supporting our Charity, you contribute to the wellbeing of individuals, the health of the planet, and the overall betterment of the community.

Together, we can sow the seeds of transformation, promote holistic wellbeing, and inspire a more conscious and compassionate world.


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Accessing our services

Our projects are developed through community consultation with a particular focus on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, alleviating the impact of trauma and socio economic disadvantages. We prioritise accessibility and offer all of our projects on a donation basis or free to ensure there is no economic barriers to access it.

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Who we work with

Everyone is wellcome. Our service users represent a range of backgrounds and lived experiences. We primarily work with people who are experiencing wellbeing issues and life stress, often as a result of trauma and/or socio-economic disadvantages. We make every effort to accommodate health and wellbeing support needs.

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What we do

We run various projects and they are accessed via self-referrals and external referrals. All our projects are available by a small donation or free of charge. We offer support for participants who cannot manage transportation costs, some of our projects are for families with children and some are intergenerational: individuals, families, children and grandparents.

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How we work

We work with a holistic approach and share a commitment to inspiring conscious and sustainable ways of living. We tread lightly on our Planet Earth and we inspire others to do the same. Our board of trustees, staff, volunteers and contracted professionals share our values and help us to support our community with their skills and lived experiences.