Children's Wellbeing Project


Children need the same holistic care as their parents and they are very responsive to Holistic treatments.

This project is open for children aged 0 to 17 years old and therapies and shamanic healing are adapted for children. All practitioners are disclosed but we still ask parent or guardian to stay in the session as this is part of supporting the child. If the child is over 16 yrs old than they can choose to have their session without the parent or guardian.

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  Alternate Tuesday - in person

  12:00pm and 13:00pm

  volunteer Ann Fowler

  2nd Saturday - in person or online

 time to be arranged with the therapist

  volunteer Elisa Guietti


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Any question, please text us on phone  077 9856 8218
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We do not receive grants for this project. Your donation supports some of the core costs such as costs for the room and volunteer travel. We really would like this project to be accessible to all children.
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Ann Fowler
Alternate Tuesdays 
REIKI   Feather Stone Energy Healing   Emotional Freedom Technique  EFT   Crystal Healing     Indian Head Massage   Hands and Feet Massage  
 Book with Ann Fowler

Ann is a Reiki Master/Teacher with full certification and insurance accreditation in all therapies she offers. She has been practicing for over 25 years in Edinburgh and District. She also offers REIKI trainings and Crystal Healing trainings throughout the year.

Ann is a mother, a grandmother and is always fully present with an open heart ready to help others . She has has received a few awards at the Planetary Healing Centre for her commitment and the love she gives through her work.  

Ann has been volunteering at the Planetary Healing Centre since 2006 and she also works doing therapies with children in various schoos in Edinburgh. As well as working with adults, Ann is delighted to offer her therapies in the children's wellbeing project giving children the opportunity to access holistic health care too.

Elisa Guietti
2nd Saturday
REIKI Feather Stone Energy Healing Shamanic Healing  
  Text Elisa 07556 575 645

Elisa offers energy healing and intuitive art sessions for adults and children. She trained in Shamanic healing, Feather Stone, and Reiki. Her practice is nature-based and focuses on the awakening of the heart and the creative energy within. She creates a safe space where people can access and remember the beauty of their soul and the universal love within the heart. Her work aims to support and facilitate a deep process of self-discovering, creation, empowerment, and healing.

Founder of the Creativeflow Arts project, Elisa offers groups and individual sessions that often combine intuitive art with meditation and energy therapies. She also collaborates with groups and charity organisations in Edinburgh, providing creative and relaxing sessions for the community. Her work aims to empower people to become who they truly are and bring forward into the world their inner bright light.

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