Children's Wellbeing Project

Children need the same holistic care as their parents and they are very responsive to Holistic treatments.

This project is open for children aged 0 to 17 years old by donation. All therapies listed are adapted to children. Parents call us for the booking and stay present during the session.

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  2:15pm to 4:15pm

  volunteer Elizabeth Mueller

  volunteer Avril Reid

  volunteer Erika Brown


please call the Planetary Healing Centre on phone  0131 657 5680 or text us on phone  077 9856 8218
Elizabeth Mueller
Sessions offered: REIKI Feather Stone Energy Healing work Shamanic Healing

Elizabeth is a naturally peaceful and positive person with a deep, joyful connection to Nature and loves to share that joy with others. She is a mother herself and a very sensitive soul highly tuned with Spirit, thus sensitive to others.


I have been in metaphysical training since 2005 and shamanic training since 2007. I love All That Is, especially this incredible Earth and those living with her. My wish is to empower my fellow humans to speak their truth, to be in their true nature, and to be AT PEACE. Life is so very beautiful if we change our perspective to that of our highest truth.
When we live that truth, all comes into alignment and our highest good comes to us, positively affecting all beings everywhere.
I am so delighted to offer REIKI therapy and Shamanic work in the children's wellbeing project giving children the opportunity to access holistic health care too.

Avril Reid
Sessions offered: Reflexology Aromatherapy Indian Head Massage

I have worked for nearly 20 years as a practitioner in child care and development. After completing an SVQ in playwork and studying children's rights, I looked at ways to improve their wellbeing which led me to study alternative therapies. The UN convention on children's rights article 31 states "children have the right to relax and play". My experience working with children has led me to believe that today's society focuses too much on the play side with not enough emphasis on rest. Anxiety and stress is not experienced by adults alone. Today's demands on children are having a negative effect on many. I have had first hand experience of this as one of my four children is on the autistic spectrum, and high anxiety levels in autistic children can lead to challenging behaviour.

After gaining qualifications in hand reflexology, Indian head massage, and aromatherapy and using these new skills on my own children, I was able to see some of the benefits. I then introduced my new skills to my work place and discovered how much some children really enjoy the quality time trying out alternative therapies. I like to think of it as a healthy option of a pick & mix for children, combining all three therapies together and letting children experience small samples that are individually designed to their needs.

Benefits of the 3 therapies:

Hand Reflexology
  • Relieves tension and stress
  • Improves energy levels
  • Improves the nervous system
  • Helps improve pain control

Indian Head Massage
  • Sense of calmness, peace and tranquillity
  • Relief from emotional and mental stress
  • Relief of tension headaches
  • Relaxation of muscles

  • Aids stress management
  • Relief from psychological conditions including hyperactivity, mood swings, restlessness and worry
  • Stimulates the immune system