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people are our passion • the Earth is our reason

Ill-health, mental-health, stress, poverty and nature deficit disorder are only some of the problems the people we work with are facing when they come to access any of our charitable projects here in Scotland.

The consistency of our work, service and compassion since we first started in 2003 changes lives and give people the capacity to take control of their wellbeing.

Please support our work by donating or creating a fundraising event to support our charity.

Learn more about creating a charitable fundraising event to support the Planetary Healing Centre's projects.

Be a supporter, click on the donate button here and donate. Help is always needed in all levels. We support over 300 people a year regularly with our charitable work. Your support would help us cover some of our core costs enabling us to continue standing behind our committement to those who need support most. Thank you!

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other ways you can help

Help our Charity to have its own premises and always be open for the community, by considering  bequeathing
make a bank deposit • please call us 075-0443-8763 for more information
run a charitable fundraising event (e.g. coffee mornings, evening events, etc) to support our work
help our charity by volunteering

Even if you don't have time or money to give, you can still support our charitable work by telling your friends about our services, pass on our leaflets and website address. Think of people you know and meet who can benefit from our work and let them know about our services, including our Holistic Online Shop. 

Thank you!    Your support is greatly appreciated.
May you be blessed with abundance and health a thousand times in return.