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our weekly groups

  Wednesdays : Shamanic Wisdom Group

  Fridays : Shamanic Guided Meditation

our monthly groups

  1st and 3rd Thursday : Group Sound Healing Ceremony

  2nd and last Thursday : Mindfulness Meditation

  2nd Saturday : Women Awakening Circle

  every last Saturday : The Way of Mary Magdalene

  Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month

  7.30pm - 9pm

  exchange: £16

Sound is healing, it transfers energy, it helps to shift vibration and awareness; nurturing the heart, mind and spirit.

Emma plays according to the energy of the room and channels spirit song from heart to heart.

Sound healing generates a space where you can journey/meditate and deeply relax, allowing you to release physical, mental and emotional stress, enhancing your well-being and inviting balance and inner peace.

Events are from the heart and intuitively guided. May include chanting, toning, prayers, gentle movement and guided visualisation.

Nothing to bring! Head cushions, blankets and water provided.

Please arrive by 7:20pm to get settled as we will begin at 7:30pm sharp.


If you have any questions, please contact Emma on phone  07813 256 182

Otherwise click on 'book now' to make your appointment:

Emma is very much looking forward to meeting you!

Many blessings    

  Every 2nd and last Thursday of the month

  7:30pm - 9pm

  exchange: £10 | £8 | £7 | £5

This class will explore a range of Mindfulness Meditation practices aimed at learning how to calm the busy mind, nurture compassion and awaken to our deepest and most authentic selves. The class is suitable for complete beginners as well as more experienced practitioners from any meditation background, as each class will be respectfully aware of the needs of the group.

To be really grounded in the present moment is a gift - a place where we are fully alive and connected physically, emotionally and spiritually to the universe, to each other and with ourselves. In the present moment, the future hasn't happened yet and the past is in the past. It's a place of stillness and balance - an infinite moment where we can rest our busy minds. In this place we can develop our inner resources and compassion and learn to cope better with the stresses that life inevitably throws at us.

Mindfulness Meditation has been shown to be very beneficial to our physical and psychological well being, reducing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, helping us to cope with chronic pain and many more.

About Alison Buckle

My name is Ali and I started meditating about 10 years ago, starting with mindfulness meditation and in recent years exploring other practices such as somatic meditation and embodied meditation. I discovered along the way that there is a stillness inside each of us that is a peaceful and nurturing safe-haven which we can all learn to access.

Private sessions with Alison


Call and leave a voicemail or text:

phone  07722 473410

  Every 2nd Saturday of the Month

13 Women's Sacred Circles meeting at specific dates in 2018 & 2019

 2018: 9 Dec

 2019: 12 Jan 2 Feb 9 Mar 13 Apr 11 May 8 Jun 13 Jul 10 Aug 14 Sep

  7:30pm to 9:30pm - drop in, no need to book

  exchange: £5 to the Planetary Healing Centre for the space

Join our circle of women who seek self-knowledge and transformation. Women awakening is a program for female empowerment based on love and on the reconciliation with our own nature and our cycles aiming for an integration of ourselves.

We are the ones who understood that change starts by opening the heart.
We are the ones who walk in peace with our cycles, with our Moon, with our sacred menstruation.
We are those who are no longer afraid of happiness and turn our life into a blossoming garden.
We are the ones who welcome men (the Divine Masculine) and we invite them to walk with us side by side, leaving behind competition, generational rage and the gender differentiation.
We are the ones who when sad, dance and sing until the Universe's joy eases our pain.
We are the ones who understood that inside of us live many, and that it is ok to let them be.
We are the ones who are awakening.

This work is originated by Colombian Laura Moreno and is facilitated in over 200 countries all over the world around the new moon.

For more info text: phone  075 0885 8482   or   phone  075 6301 0980

watch a short film   

visit the website: www.mujeresquedespiertan.com

What to bring

  Every Last Saturday of the Month

8 circles of self-empowerment for the Feminine in 2019

 2019: 23 Feb 30 Mar 27 Apr 31 May 31 Aug 28 Sep 26 Oct 30 Nov

  7:30pm to 9:30pm

  exchange: £18 | £15 | £12 | £10

The return of the Divine Feminine brings full empowerment, the embodiment of sensuality and sexuality, the embodiment of unconditional love for the self and all, without exception.

Like Mary Magdalene teaches us: the Divine Feminine takes her place beside her chosen Divine Masculine, walks fully empowered, fearless in beauty and grace. She is a leader at her own right, she is a mother, a lover, a priestess, a sister, a grandmother, a daughter, a teacher of teachers, a goddess; above all she is a woman.

Come to work on deep personal and collective issues that affect us all: victim consciousness, lack, self harm, self blame, low self esteem, guilty, anger, disempowerment, sexual abuse and so on. Come to open your heart, your body and your mind to heal, love more, laugh more, to fully come into your power, empowering yourself and others around you.

Mary Magdalene, the personification of wisdom, the priestess, the wife, the lover, the beloved companion of Jesus, the woman in each one of us who loves unconditionally, is the the Divine Inspiration and guide for this beautiful self-empowerment work.

What to bring


Please text or email Claudia to book your space:

message  07504438763

email  blessings@shamaniccentre.com