about us

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We are a team of 48 volunteers promoting health and wellbeing. We come from different walks of life and share a common vision for Planetary Healing. Our volunteers come from Edinburgh, Livingston, East Coast, Fife and Perth to support our Charity.

Our Background

Our charity was set up in 2003 and it grew from a small number of like minded holistic people who had the desire to help others in our community who were struggling with ill health, needing support and therapies but could not afford the full cost of holistic therapies. Today we are a team of 48 volunteers supporting the charity. Our team have a variety of background and experiences as holistic therapists and outdoors facilitators.

today In Feb 2005 we set up the Youth Vision Project with Sara Beauregard. Youth Vision is a Rites of Passage project for young people age 14 to 18 yrs old in transition to adulthood. Today Youth Vision is an independent charity with over 30 volunteers working with vulnerable young people referred from High schools, social work dept, etc. Our trustee Claudia Goncalves is the co-founder and chairperson for Youth Vision. The project takes place at a bothy within the Plentand Hills in Balerno.

today In Oct 2006 we started the Holistic Health Project. This project was a call for the coming together of people in our community in alignment with co-founders's Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday's vision of phylanthropy and service to others. With time, more and more people came to support the project which today supports an average 100 people on a regular basis each year who are struggling with ill-health and who are in a financial disadvantaged position. This project takes place at our Holistic Wellbeing Centre in Portobello all year around.

today In April 2012 we started Connection with Nature Project. This project is for families who are restricted financially and facing some form or another of hardship or challenges. This programme offers educational and social outdoors activities and supports an average 40 people, parents and children, each year. This project takes place in our Yurt and woodland in Balerno April to October.

today In June 2015 we started our Bee Project. We are doing a bit of research on diferent methods of bee keeping. This project is linked to the Permaculture Project providing education for children. We are encouraging the next generation to love bees and look after then holistically.

today In Jan 2016 we started to develop also as a Social Enterprise. As welll as other works such was Employees Wellness Programme and private sessions in Portobello, we also opened the Edinburgh Holistic Shop in order to become more self -sustainable financially.

today In Aug 2016 we started the Stress Relief Project for Unpaid Carers. With this project we help and support unpaid carers to stay strong, healthier and happier because people who look after someone needs to be looked after too. This year we also started the Youth - Community - Connection project, mentoring people back to nature.

today In Aug 2017 we started the Indigenous People's Project. With this project we are helping the Apurina people from Acre in the Brazilian Amazon to build a centre where elders from 18 tribes can gather regularly to share knowledge and pass on knowledge to the next generation. People will be welcome to go there to volunteer and learn from the elders. The indigenous people's project is also helping the Kariri Xoco people of Alagoas, Brazil, to build a flour mill to fight hunger in their tribe.

today In Oct 2018 we started the Childen's Wellbeing project. After a consultation with the community we found that there was a need for a holistic project to also support childen with therapies as children respond well to therapies and the need is as great as the project for adults.


co-founders Claudia and Mark
Co-founders Mark Halliday and Claudia Goncalves

Our board of trustees

Our team

Advisors Board members:
Alma Shearer, Stewart Keith, Emily Boyd, Joao Lima, Margot Daru-Elliot

CEO volunteer:
Claudia Goncalves

Tessa McKirdy

Ana Duarte

Denise McFadden

Day Coordinators:
Grigorios Karastamatis, Tessa McKirdy, Antony Nash

Volunteer Therapists:
Ann Fowler, Ana Duarte, David Bate, Dot Forest, Mandy Peat, Newton Harper, Susan Cotterril, Gayle Baird, Julie Talbot, Renata Falesnikova

Connection with Nature:
Claudia Goncalves, Adele Clarke, Alison Buckle, Stewart Keith

Youth - Community - Connection:
Caren Gilbert, Louise Durrant, Gemma Smith, Serge Marti, Tom Hedley, Kate Hedges, Rehema White, Rosemary Welensky, Kate Wilkinson, Malcom Clarke, Adele Clarke, Claudia Goncalves, Dhyana Huggins

Sustainability & Upcycling Project:
Prashant Kumar (Project coordinator) and Benjammin Reid-Howells (Community organiser)

Bee Project volunteers:
Claudia Goncalves and the bees

Cancer Holistic Support:
Emma Stout (massage)
Chloe Shand (massage)
Alison Hughes (reflexology)

Support and supervision:
Mandy Peat

Festival / Open Day Flyer Designer:
Toni Bate

Web & Digital Assets Designer / Web Developer:
Pawel Kosinski

Library Coordinator:
Renata Falesnikova

Yurt Maintenace and Festival helpers:
Roddy Jonstone and Bally Dhariwal