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We are a team of like minded people promoting holistic health and wellbeing. Like the bees, we work tirelessly, compassionately, and together for the benefit of all. We come from different walks of life and share a common vision for the Healing of our Planet and the people.


Read our Community Consultation  document.

The Planetary Healing Centre - PHC background 


Our charity was founded in 2003 by a group of like-minded individuals with the desire to help others in the community who were struggling with their health and wellbeing. The charity s initial focus was to provide Holistic Health support for people who were unable to afford the full cost of therapies. Today our main focus is our Nature work for wellbeing which we run from our woodland Hut    training volunteers and some holistic therapies online offered by our volunteers. It is important to recognise there are many people who value and seek a holistic approach for their health and wellbeing to complement the support they receive from medical and other health professionals. Over 300 beneficiaries are impacted and supported on a regular basis by our work every year.

Our work is rooted in connection to nature and connection to community. We recognise that an empowered individual with greater awareness and understanding of themselves can positively impact awareness and understanding of the surrounding community and the Earth. 
A little bit about our background:

today Feb 2005 to Oct 2009 Youth Vision Project began under our charity as a project to support young people who were struggling with life in general. In 2009 Youth Vision became an independent charity founded by Sara Beauregard and Claudia Goncalves. Today the charity works from a lovely old cottage within the Plentand Hills in Balerno managed by visionary Sara Beauregard. Youth Vision works with young people from South West Edinburgh that are struggling with formal education, or are excluded from school, and are not engaged in training or employment.

today In Oct 2006 to Mar 2020  Holistic Health Project. This project was a call for the coming together of people in our community in alignment with co-founders Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday's vision of phylanthropy and service to others. With time, more and more people came to support the project.  This project took place at the Charity's Holistic Wellbeing Centre in Portobello for 15 years and in April 2021, after Covid-19, it became an online project with volunteers working from home. Today people can still access support via our Online Holistic Health Project.   

today April 2011 up to today  Nature Connection Project - Balerno . This project supports people who are facing wellbeing issues: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The project promotes and develops positive health and wellbeing through the provision of  activities in nature. In 2021 the project transformed and evolved to now Nature Connection Volunteers Training.

today June 2015 up to today  Planetary Holistic Bee Project. The aim of this project is to raise awareness about be benefits for the bees and humanity on using a holistic approach to bee keeping and not taking the honey from the bees as it is their food, but giving to the bees. One of the things that we do is to plant bee-friendly flowers and be educational for the children and families who come to access our projects and events.


today May 2016 up to today Deepening our Nature  Connection Project - Falkland. This project has changed and adadpted many times over the years but basically has supported young people, their families and friends through mentorship and community. Based on "The art of Mentoring" and "Deep nature Connection' of the 8 shields it is an intergenerational project.


today Oct 2016 to Mar 2020 The Carers Project . The carer's project supported un-paid carers who were struggling with stress and need to replenish in order to help others. Today carers can still access support via our many projects.  


today Oct 2016 up to today The Edinburgh Holistic Shop . The Shop is fairtrade recocgnised and was created as a Social Enterprise trading warm to support our charity financially.


today Jan 2017 to Oct 2018 Art Exhibition Project . This project brought together artists and community and it was a very inspiring project where artists made, exhibited and sold their art work at the Planetary Healing Centre for 2 years. 19 artists participated and inspired others in our community. Today we have many artists in our community offering their services throught the Expressive arts. We continue to do Art Exhibitions in our special community events.   

today Aug 2017 up to today Indigneous People's Project. With this project we are supporting the indigenous people of Brazil. Each project and indigenous tribe is carefully selected by our co-founder Claudia Goncalves    to receive support. People can support this project by donating or volunteeing in Brazil.

todayOct 2018 up to today Children's Wellbeing Project. The children project began after a community consultation and the need to also support the children holistically. Today parents can still access support for their children via our nature projects.

today May 2019 to Mar 2020   Holistic Support Cancer Project. The statistics today says that 1 in 2 people will have cancer. With this alarming news, with the community consultation done in 2018, with so many people in our community having cancer and with the loss of Planetary Healing Centre's trustee and Website Development worker to cancer and so many other members in our community, a need for a project to support those with cancer arose. Today people can still access support via our Online Holistic Health Project.  


today June 2019 closed Feb 2020 Bihar Project . With this project we supported the movement to bring social and environmental change for the people of Bihar in India. People can still support this project by donating to them or volunteering in India.


todayMar 2020 up to today  Online Holistic Health Project. With the lockdown in March 2020, and the uncertanties around Covid-19, with so much mental health and anxiety proliferating locally and around the Globe, the need to continue offering our services became paramount. Quickly our volunteers were trained to offer their services online from home attending an unprecedented number of peopple who really struggled with their mental health and wellbeing during lockdown. This project was so successfull with so many volunteers working from home, that we decided that the online project should continue into the future.  


todayApril 2020 up to today Online Holistic Shop . The Online Shop is a fairtrade shop social enterprise trading -arm created to support our charity to become more self-sustainable financially and keep our charitable work going.


today Mar 2022 The Planetary Healing Centre closed the building in Portobello and the charity moved to the Community Woodland in Balerno. A new chapter in nature begins for our community now!

Co-founders Mark Halliday and Claudia Goncalves 


Our board of trustees

The Planetary Healing Centre's team

Advisors (our elders and ex-board members)
Alma Shearer, Stewart Keith, Emily Boyd, Margot Daru-Elliot, Tessa McKirdy, Jim Stout


Project Development Worker
Claudia Goncalves


Funding officer
Molly Shanahan


Iza Iszna


Therapists and Practitioners
Ann Fowler, Grandmother Dot, Mandy Peat, Dhyana Huggings, Susan Cotterril


Nature Connection Volunteers Training - Balerno
Adele Clarke, Claudia Goncalves, Stewart Keith


Support and supervision and Peer Support:
Mandy Peat, Sue Tait


Website updates:
Claudia Goncalves


Woodland maintenance: 
Newton Harper and Mark Halliday