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Needing 1-1 holistic support? Needing flexibility of days and times?
Then we can help!

All private practitioners working at the Planetary Healing Centre are committed to offering you highly professional holistic services.

Holistic quality and value that you will only find at the Planetary Healing Centre!

We have been a leading provider of Holistic Health Care in Edinburgh since 2003. We have an excellent track record, experience and reputation which has grown since we first started to offer our holistic services. We have helped many thousands of people, directly and indirectly.

People: We care for the health and wellbeing of people on all levels: mind, body and spirit.

The Planet: We care for people, nature, community and our beautiful Planet.

Our team of private holistic therapists and shamanic practitioners are at your disposition, offering you the best you can get in Holistic Health Care: counselling, shamanic healing, various types of massages, Life coaching and much more. All happening in the afternoon between 2:15pm and 7:15pm after our projects in the morning as well as Sundays. All private Shamanic sessions are 1 1/2 hours and all other holistic sessions are 1 hour. Cancellations less then 24 hours incurs a £15 fee for the space booked.

Please take a look at our list of therapists below, give us a call and we will do the rest for you!

Because your health is really important to us and we are here to help you!

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  Annie Crombie  : Shamanic Healing Soul Retrieval Power Retrieval Past Life work Extraction work Psychopomp work Feather Stone Energy Healing Angel Healing Karuna REIKI

  time: 2.15pm & 3.15pm
  price: £65 | £60 | £55

  Roberta Giovedi  : Balinese Massage Abdominal Massage Indian Head Massage Ayurvedic Face & Head Massage Cupping facial Feather Stone Energy Healing

  time: 4:15pm, 5:15pm & 6:15pm
  price: £55 | £45 | £35 for 1h

  Chloe Shand  : Swedish Massage

  time: 2:15pm & 3:15pm
  price: £30 | £25

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  Alison Buckle  : Reflexology Mindfulness Meditation Embodied Meditation & Somatic Meditation Feather Stone Energy Healing

  time: 2:15pm, 3:15pm & 4:15pm
  price: £45 | £40 | £35 for 60min

  Erika Brown  : Shamanic Healing Soul retrieval Power Retrieval Past Life Work Extraction Work

  time: 7:30pm
  price: £65 | £55 | £45 for up to 90min

  Alison Hughes  : Indian Head Massage Swedish Massage Reflexology

  time: 5:15pm, 6:15pm & 7:30pm
  price: £35


  Grandmother Dot  : Reiki Healing Feather Stone Energy Healing Crystal Healing

  time: 2:15pm & 3:15pm
  price: £40 | £30

  David Bate  : Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)

  time: 2:15pm & 3:15pm
  price: £40

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  Newton Harper  : Shamanic Healing Soul Retrieval Power Retrieval Past Life Work Extraction Work Psychopomp work Feather Stone Energy Healing

  time: 2:15pm & 3:45pm
  price: £70 | £60 | £50

  Julie Talbot  : Acupuncture Reflexology

  time: 5:15pm & 6:15pm
  price: £45 | £40 | £35

  Emma Stout  : Shamanic Healing Soul Retrieval Power Retrieval Past Life work Extraction work

  time: 4:15pm & 5:15pm (1st Thursday of the month)
  price: £100 | £80 | £70 | £60 | £50

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  Ann Fowler  : Indian Head Massage Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Reiki Aromatherapy Facial Crystal Healing Hopi Ear Candle Therapy Befriending work Hand and Foot massage Feather Stone Energy Healing or a combination of some of the therapies above

  time: 2:15pm & 3:15pm
  price: £50 | £45 | £40

  Antony Nash  : Transformational Life Coaching Intuitive Birth Chart readings

  time: 2:15pm & 3:15pm
  price: £65

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  Ana Duarte  : Shamanic Healing Soul retrieval Power Retrieval, Past Life Work Extraction Work Feather Stone Energy healing, Reiki Crystal Healing

  time: 10:15am & 11:45am
  price: £65 | £55 | £45

How to book

All you need to do is choose a therapy / therapist from above
and call or text us to book

phone  0131 657 5680

message  07798 568 218

additional information

Exchanges are between £30 and £100 depending on the practitioner and the therapy. Exchanges are on sliding scale: high | medium | low income | benefits. Some practitioners can also offer combination of two therapies. Please just ask them.

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