Resources to read


Below is some information on some resources you can read to support your recovery from cancer.


Dr Kelly Turner

 Dr kelly Turner has written a wonderful book called 'Radical Remission' - Surviving Cancer Against All Odds. She has researched stories from thousands of people who have acheived remission through a variety of means and shares the '9 key factors' underpinning all of the stories. Yes, diet and supplements and healing treatments are there, but there are other indicators like spiritual connection, trusting intuition and the importance of love and support. Thiss book is a very important resource and reference point, its very optimistic and hopeful about the possibility of people taking control of their own health, even in late stages of cancer. It also helps one to not get too narrowly focused on 'treatment' and to remember the importance of energy, faith, intuition and allowing people to support us, letting love in. She also has a website which has many more examples of radical remission, and continues the research by inviting people to upload their own stories.