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"Caring for people and planet"

Based on renowned world movement "Art of Mentoring"

Facilitator: Adele Clark

Coordinator: Claudia Goncalves

Connecting families with nature, our Nature Connection promotes and develops positive health and wellbeing. Sharing what's abundant in our own lives and marvelling at the richness of life that the Earth shares with us, in all it's varied forms.

Suitable for families with children age 1 to 12 yrs old

This year we will also offer Nature Connection in Ayrshire with Dhyana Huggins. So watch this space!


Dates for your diary in 2018 all on Fridays

This project is depending on grants coming in.


June TBA



Time: 2pm to 6pm in Balerno



1pm = Project mini bus leaves from our Centre in Portobelo at 12:45pm going to Dr Bells Family Centre in Leith for 1pm collection. Bus arrives in Balerno at 2pm.

1:45pm = Meet at bus stop at the end of Cockburnhill Road in Balerno if you are coming by bus 44 or 44A or by car.

2pm = Vegetarian soup & bread provided. You are welcome to bring extra snack for your family if you would like to.

2:30pm to 4:30pm = Nature Connection activities for families including games.

4:30pm to 5:30pm = Two specialised activity which can be: storytelling, bee talk, meditation in Nature, teaching safe fire lighting, various games, nature awareness, art in nature, music, etc.

5:30pm to 6pm = Sharing and closing circle.


Each day we will offer 2 of the following activities:


Storytelling: Entering the magic and wonder of stories.

Bees - Talk about the importance of the bees and see how we can help these extraordinary beings. We will plant wild flowers, do some bee games and visit the Planetary Healing community bee hive.

Meditation in Nature: Sitting still or walking meditation in nature to relax, unwind and re-vitalise.

Games: Play games in nature to help us hone the skills of seeing what's actually in front of us and fully connect with nature with fun, laughter and real joy.

Exploring the wild: Exploring the area to see what amazing resources there are here: nature`s first aid kits, food, herbs, beauty and wonder etc.

Art and Clowning in Nature: Developing our creative self in nature

Trust walks: Gently introduce our family and friends to the wonders we see around us.

Tending the wild: How can we look after the woodland and it's resources, encourage more wildlife and diversity.

Planting: Plant potatoes, vegetables, herbs and wild flowers for the bees.

Nature therapy: bask in some warmth and ease whist being held by nature. An amazing therapy to have.

Fire Making skills: learn how to make safe fires and afterwards leave the environment as we found it.

We hope the above gives you a little flavour of the themes and lets see how creative we can get with them. We will be flexible with times as we understand that working with chidlren requires flexibility. Please talk to us if you have any special requirement.


Booking and what to bring

Booking is essential. Please text us to reserve your place: 075 0443 8763 and also send us the booking form which you can download from above.

Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

Vegetarian soup and bread will be served on your arrival. You are very welcome to bring any other extra snack for yourself and your family.

Please bring a spare set of clothes for your child if they would like to play in the stream. The stream is a great source of fun for the children and the adults.



Suggested donation per family per day: £20 / £15 / £12 / £10 (high, medium, low income, benefits)

Children accompanied by parents or guardians have a free space.

Please talk to us if further assistance with finances is needed.


Coming by bus: take bus 44 or 44A to Balerno

We will also do pick ups at the bus terminus in Balerno at 1:45pm.

If you prefer to walk, we are 15 minutes walking outside Balerno Village if you take bus 44A or 30 minutes walking if you take bus 44. Please call for more details: 075 0443 8763.


Mini bus coming from Portobello and Leith

If you don't drive and public transport is difficult for your family, we offer a mini bus coming from Portobello and Leith. Please contact Claudia on 075 0443 8763 to reserve a place and for further information.


We look forward to sharing a wonderful Nature Connection experience with you!


How to get to Balerno

If you would like to use your own transport or public transport to get to us, Balerno is located in the South West of Edinburgh. From the city centre it is: 20 minutes by car or 30 min by bus.


By bus from Edinburgh: busses 44 or 44A. From the City Centre it takes around 30 minutes in the bus to Balerno. Stop at 3rd bus stop after little roundabout. Walk for 15 minutes( about one mile) into Cockburnhill Road into the countryside. Pass farm on your left, pass farm on your right, pass sign saying Bavelaw garage, keep going straight ahead, the yurt is right there to your right. If you need a lift or more directions please text us on 075 0443 8763.


By car from Edinburgh: From the city centre in Edinburgh, go in the direction of Lanark Road West, pass Juniper Green and Currie villages. Balerno is the next Village. At the roundabout go straight up the hill, pass all houses on your right, when you see the last house, a cream house in the corner, turn right into Cockburnhill Road. Pass farm on the left, pass farm on the right, pass sign saying Bavelaw garage, keep going straight ahead, the yurt is right there to your right.


By car from outside Edinburgh: Follow directions to A71. At Hermiston Gate Park and Ride roundabout turn left, at next roundabout pass Herriot What University on your right, keep going straight ahead up the hill pass another roundabout, keep going up the hill until you come to Main Road called Lanark Road West where you turn righ. Pass Currie village and Balerno is the next Village. Once you are in Balerno, follow directions as above.

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Booking form


Evaluation form


If you are coming from Planetary Healing Centre: please reserve space with Claudia on 075 0443 8763

If you are coming from Dr Bells Centre in Leith: please reserve space with Dr Bells coordinator

If you are coming from YMCA please reserve space with YMCA coordinator


Read how to get to Balerno


Read about Deep Nature Connection


Our nature-connected community


Looking after the bees


Around the fire in the Wooldland


Community and Nature programme at the CFPH

Families in nature


Planetary Healing's yurt: our shelter


Learning about wild plants


The water stream, source of great fun!


In 2017 we are celebrating 14 years of our Charity and we have been offering this project since 2011 making it 7 years of offering this project for the community


What people say:

"Our family have been coming to Nature Connection for a few years and we are always excited when we go there.
Our two kids just love it as there is always lots of nice things to do like playing games, making art using natural materials, learning about bees and nature, making friends and the most important spending time in nature, surrounded by nice and friendly people.
Our son has severe autism and it is very difficult to go out with him as he gets upset easily but when we go to Nature Connection he is always calm and happy and never ever had any meltdown. He loves this place very much and even started taking part in some activities.

Our daughter always looks forward to go to Nature Connection and always asks when we can go again.

We are very grateful that Nature Connection helps us with transport as we don't have a car. This gives us possibility to attend every session.

Nature Connection is great for whole families, not only for kids as they help parents to spend time with their children in a really interesting and nice way." 

D. Family