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Shamanic Trance Dance

With Claire McGarrie

Date: *** Sunday, 18th Mar ***

Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm - Drop in event by donation to the Indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon project

Venue: Old Saint Paul's Hall, 63 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DH

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Exchange: By donation


Shamanic Trance Dance

Shamanic trance dance is an ancient practice that is found in many cultures around the globe. Traditionally it is used for personal healing and spiritual growth but it can also be used to bring healing to others, our communities and the planet.
Shamanic trance dance is a profound healing ritual which uses a combination of movement/dance, repetitive music, rattling and drumming, and transformative breath work in order to access ‘trance’ or ecstatic states of consciousness. The ritual is a deep, personal, inner journey of discovery and transformation. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect to our higher Self, our spirit guides and to our spiritual hearts as we journey beyond the confines of the rational mind. The trance dance is the perfect place to release the suppressed emotions and energetic blockages that hold us back in life. To call in new energy and set intentions for positive manifestation.

To facilitate deep journeying we wear eye masks which enable us to more fully switch off from the mind and ‘what people think of us’.
This is a safely held space with experienced shamanic practitioners/energy healers who will be guiding you physically and energetically throughout.

This ritual is more than just a dance, it is a ceremony. After coming together as a circle of dancers, we start by setting the intentions for our journey. You will then be guided through some energising techniques to help lead you into the dance. Afterwards we will again be guided through some gentle Chi-Gung movements to help us ground and integrate. We then come together again in circle to share our experiences.


About Claire

Claire is an experienced sound and energy healer - she is a facilitator of transpersonal shamanic ceremonies in which sound, dance and movement practice play a large part. She also teaches movement meditation and shamanic trance dance as part of longer Self-enquiry retreats (The Awakening Heart) held at Greenside Retreat centre, Fife which she co-founded. Claire has life-long experience of conscious dance as a healing practice and is passionate about sharing this profound work with others.

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Claire's work:

Embodying Presence

Greenside Retreat