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With Claudia Goncalves

Dates: 3rd Thursday of the month

**** 19th April **** 17th May ****

Time: 8:15pm to 9:30pm

Exchange: £15 / £12 / £10 / £9 (High, Medium, low income, benefits)

To reserve your place text: 075 0443 8763 (space for maximum 9 people)

Note: Please talk to Claudia if further concession is needed

Venue: The Planetary Healing Centre, 288 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh, EH15 2AS


About my work:

In my Sound Journeys, I create a unique experience based on the group's needs. Using a variety of instruments and my voice guided by my indigenous ancestors, spirit guides and power animals, I guide you into a deep relaxing journey to enhance your health and wellbeing. 

Sound changes the vibration of that which is putting us out of balance into a state of balance and harmony again. Deep relaxation, great peace of mind and a beautiful sense of holiness are other benefits of it. 

Sound also reduces stress. With sound we can alleviate a lot of the stresses that causes imbalances in our mind and body.

Also, in our emotional body, there are places that energy gets stuck, sound can help clear up those emotional stresses or energy blockages, helping us to move forward in life and feel great.

When we are more conscious, we are masters of our own life, masters of our own health and therefore we feel and are more empowered.

Mats, blankets and cushions provided.


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To book text: 0750 4438 763

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