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Dearest volunteer: Welcome on Board!

We have created this page with the intent to familiarize you with our organization.

We want you to know what we are about, why we do the work we do and that we are committed to having a safe environment for all at the Planetary Healing Centre.

What does it take to be on board?

  • The commitment to work with people who are going through challenging times.
  • The ability to communicate well with people and to be a good listener.
  • The belief that everyone has the right to opportunities to achieve their potential.
  • The will to challenge your own assumptions.
  • A sense of humor and an ability not to take yourself too seriously.
  • The ability to work on short term and/or on long term with people and monitor the benefits of the services offered

Our Background

Our Charity was set up in October 2003 and our organisation grew from the desire of a small number of people, with a variety of backgrounds and experience as holistic therapists, to help others in our community who were needing therapies but could not afford the full cost of private sessions.

In 2006 talks and the setting up of the Holistic Health Project began. The project was a call for the coming together of people in our community in alignment with co-founders' vision of philanthropy and service to others. With time, more and more people became involved, all willing to volunteer and support the work.

Our work supports those who are financially restricted to have access to therapies and holistic programmes, helping them to improve their health and wellbeing. With our work we:

  • Help people regain control of their lives when they find themselves going through challenging times. Some of the challenges they may be facing involve problems such as mental health issues, homelessness, unemployment, drug or alcohol misuse, health problems, etc.
  • Provide life-skills, education, workshops and training, ensuring that people have access to information and self-development that will improve their quality of life, integration and interaction aimed at general health and wellness.
  • Works preventing people from developing future mental health issues related to lack of support, lack of belonging or lack of expression.

In April 2012 we started the Nature Connection Project offering outdoors programmes for families and individuals. This project then developed into a full weekend in nature called Deepening our Nature Connection.

Our aim is to support the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing of individuals in our community.  We bring people together to share as a community and we value each individual’s unique gifts.

We strive to create and maintain a warm, friendly and inclusive environment where people feel safe, valued and encouraged to develop their full potential.

Active community involvement in decision-making has always been at the heart of our work with regular meetings and consultation taking place providing the opportunity for everyone to have a say giving the direction and contributing to our Charity's growth and expansion. Our Annual general Meeting, open to all, takes place around April/May.

With our work we do not intend to replace orthodox medicine, on the contrary, we want to  complement, enhance and support its work, adding an extra element of care for individuals.


In 2017 we started to help the Indigenous people of Brazil.

Our Values

Our Core: unconditional love and service to others; honest and responsible; innovative and team-spirited; authentic and down to Earth.


Who accesses our services?


People of all ages, races, faith, beliefs and financial means.  Approximately 80% of users of our Holistic Health Project live locally, the other 20% travel from areas such as Borders, Fife, Glasgow and even Perth.


Who does the work?

Our charity is run on a voluntary basis and the community and team-spirit is what makes it possible. We have not got a paid employee yet, we are a team of over 35 volunteers committed and supporting the charity's work. Sessional facilitators for the Nature Connection Project are people from the local community.

How does it work financially?


To cover our core costs users give a small contribution for our services and sometimes the service is free depending on circunstances. Therapists who support the Holistic Health Project on a voluntary basis are also successful professionals runing their private practice in Edinburgh or around. We help to advertise their private work out there so they can also be supported. All therapists are asked to sign a volunteer agreement and be disclosed through the Planetary Healing Centre before they facilitate any therapy in our project.


What do we offer our volunteers and what can volunteers expect?


Induction training; support; public transport travel expenses paid; the opportunity to learn new skills, gain new experiences and meet new people. Volunteers can expect to work in a supportive environment; have their views heard and be involved in many aspects of our charity and to be treated fairly and equally.  


Why we involve volunteers: Our volunteers bring a wonderful community feel to our Centre and they really get involved in all aspects of our organisation. Their engagement, participation and passion is what brings lasting positive outcomes for the users of our services.

How do we support each other’s work and who are the designated supervisors?

Volunteers support and supervision takes place once a Month over the phone. Social events are held whenever possible so that we get to know and support one another. We also have “Volunteers Party Day” with the objective to get to know each other in a relaxed informal way.

Below are the people who will recruit, do annual reviews, provide feedback and support: you:


Our Projects


  • We support people including children with their current health and well-being issues
  • We make our services available for those who are currently facing challenges in their lives and finding it difficult to cope as well as are disadvantaged financially. People and children whose health and emotional well-being needs e.g. negative self-image, lack of self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness, are often acute.
  • Support the following groups: People on low income, benefits, homeless or people at risk of becoming homeless, people with mental health issues, senior citizens, asylum seekers/refugees, substance misuse, minority ethnic people, people off work due to stress or other health condition and children.

Research has shown that effective holistic approaches and interventions combined with orthodox medicine can enable individuals to progress and move towards a more positive health much quicker. Also, when people are healthy and happier, they are better equipped to work in a team and group and, therefore, ready to engage back to work or back to more balanced relationship to their family and those around them.


Why do we ask for a contribution from users of our projects?

  • We receive no long term grants for the project and we have to cover our core costs ourselves.
  • Over the many years of delivering our services, we have seen that people’s personal efforts heavily influence and bear weight on finding sustainable solutions to their problems related to health and emotional well-being. That is why it is important that there is some form of contribution for the services offered, even if it is a very small charge according to their means. This is vital in the process of building their self-confidence, self-esteem and increase people’s control over their own health and well-being.

All therapists in the project are volunteers; they are qualified, insured and disclosed. Outside our organisation they run their own private therapy practice.             


Below is a list of the outcomes of the Holistic Health Project and Stress Relief for Carers:

  • Remove people from their cycle of disadvantage and ill health and move them towards good health, emotional well-being together with positive social interaction.
  • Increase people’s control of their own health by giving them choices and letting them choose what they need in terms of therapies.
  • Offer our services for people who find themselves in an economic disadvantaged position.
  • Support qualified therapists in the process of gaining experience and confidence in their work as they volunteer for the project.
  • Instigate an initiative of community supporting community and provide the space and foundation for that to happen.


We run our Nature Connection programme once a Month Apr to Oct for families and individuals. The programme gives people the opportunity to have nature therapy, take time out to relax, learn new things, look after their health and wellbeing while having great fun outdoors. We work inside a 19 feet yurt and outside in nature. Children acompanied by their parents or guardians also participate in the programme.




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