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Project: Supporting Brazilian Indigenous People


Building of Flour Mill in Kariri Xocó's Village in Alagoas, Brazil. Campaign to raise £3,000

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When someone talks about Native Americans, from North and South, it usually comes to mind the thought as if all Native Americans are equal and in the same situation. However, this is not the case.
Each people, depending on the particular region of Brazil, have their own cosmology, language, history, social-economical condition and a certain degree of acculturation.

The Northeast of Brazil was the first region to be colonized and Northeast Native Americans are today the group most subjected to acculturation due to a vast amount of contact with a non-indigenous society; as a consequence ancient knowledge became restrict to a few people. Therefore, the majority of Northeast tribes lost the language of their ancestors, being left only with secret rituals. Some customs and millenary values were replaced by survival strategies. Feeding is one of these customs which little-by-little had suffered modification due to local ecosystem changes.

The village we are supporting with this crowdfunding is located in the council area of Porto Real do Colégio-AL (Fig. 1), on the verges of São Francisco River. Fish, which was widely used in native’s daily feeding, is today sparse due to river’s condition. The latter was submitted to wide transposition works without taking in consideration communities’ needs, which heavily relied on this river.

Fig. 1

Fig. 1 - Porto Real do Colégio

Nowadays, Kariri Xocó tribe’s food source is manioc (macaxeira) (Fig. 2 and 3), which is planted by indigenous people throughout the year. Despite this being a large tribe of roughly 3,500 people, there isn’t a flour mill in the village to manufacture manioc flour, their main food.

Fig. 2 - Manioc

Fig. 3 - Macaxeira

With this building the whole tribe will benefit, as the flour mill will produce: biju (Fig. 4), manioc flour (Fig. 5) and other products such as macaxeira (Fig. 3). There will be better life quality for families, starvation will decrease, abundance of food will happen to this community that still exhibits cases of malnutrition.

Fig. 4 - Biju

Fig. 5 - Manioc flour

This campaign is lead by Cacique Apony in Brazil supported by the Planetary Healing Centre and The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre.

Cacique Apony dreams to revert back this situation of hunger and malnutrition in his village. The cacique is heir of much ancient knowledge, which is restricted to only a few, as his family is Baca, the one who holds the tribe’s ancestral lineage of knowledge and wisdom, and who preserved until today the Kariri Xocó tribe’s identity and consciousness.

Please contribute to bettering this tribe’s life quality! Knowing that food is the foundation of health and life, this village still exhibits a wide number of cases of hunger and malnourishment, including internal conflicts caused by struggling for survival without fish lost by Saint Francis River’s transposition. Kariri Xocó village basically depends on manioc for its survival!

Help us build this flour mill! Please donate generously.  The flour mill is really important to the Kariri Xocó people! Be sure that your donation will make a huge difference to the lives of 3,500 people. 


With deepest gratitude,

Claudia Goncalves, Mark Halliday  and the Planetary Healing Centre's team.


Indigenous Women's Gathering

Our next project now will be to support the Indigenous Women's Gathering happening mid September 2018 in the Brazilian Amazon. Please keep an eye on this page.

Love and eternal gratitude to the people of Scotland !


Supporting Yawanawa tribe

A healing space will be created in memory of Elder Tata Yawanawa.

We are delighted to anounce that we manage to raise the £9,000 needed for this project, via the "My Donate" campaign, the crowdfunding and all the events created by the community here in Scotland.

We would like to thank all the people who have kindly donated and supported the building of this healing centre for the Apurina people in the Brazilian Amazon. We will keep you updated very soon with pictures on the website here and on facebook.





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In our last campaign we raised £9,000 to support the Yawanawa people of the Amazon to build a space for the elders to meet and share knowledge with the young generation. Pictures of that project will be put here soon.


We also raised £330 to support the Gathering of the Amazonian women happening in Sep 2018.

Thank you to all wonderful people who have donated or created a fundraising event for those projects.

Anyone interested in creating a fundraising event for the indigenous people, please contact Claudia on 075 0443 8763. Thank you.