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Facilitator: Mark Halliday

Every Friday except in July, Dec and Jan.

Time: 7:30pm to 9pm - drop in

Exchange: £10 / £8 / £7 / £5 (High, medium, low incomes, benefits)

More info text: 0750 443 8763


Meditation is a proven means of reducing stress and achieving personal growth. Working as a channel, Mark's meditations themes flow according to the energy and needs of individuals present. Visualisation, breath work, relaxation, soul retrieval, power animal work, spirit guides are included in his work.


No previous experience of Shamanism necessary to join this group, just an open heart. All welcome.


Venue: The Planetary Healing Centre, 288 Portobello High Street, EH15 2AS


About the Facilitator:

Mark Halliday is an inspirational teacher who holds unconditional love and compassion at heart together with incredible light coming through from his soul and guides. He is reknowed for his shamanic healing and readings work within the community.

In 2005 he had the honour to volunteer, live and work with the Navahos where he assimilated a lot of teachings which inspires his work up to today.

An intuitive healer, a channel for Spirit, and an experienced healer of animals and people, whether channeling spirit guides, universal healing energy or supporting personal growth through soul recovery, Mark’s work flows from the heart.

Mark is the co-founder of the Planetary Healing Centre and the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre.


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Shamanic Guided Meditation with Mark Halliday


Mark Halliday