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FALKLAND 2018 and 2019

Young people, individuals and families

"Caring for people and planet"

Based on renowned world movement "Art of Mentoring" 

Leaders: Young people

Coordinators: Adele Clarke and Claudia Goncalves

Supported by: 8 acorn volunteers

Creating nature-connected young people and communities. Empowering future generations.

This programme for young people and community will be supported by the acorn team of volunteers. It is suitable for individuals and families with children of all ages. You have the option of extending your weekend with camping.

Dates for your diary:

21st Dec 2018 - Winter Solstice

23rd Mar 2019 - Spring Equinox

04th May 2019 - Beltane 

22nd June 2019 - Summer Solstice

21st Sep 2019 - Autumn Equinox

02nd Nov 2019 - Samhain


In this programme the young people will be co-creating community events around the Celtic Festivals and Seasons, re-connecting their community to their ancestral heritage.

The programme will use the 8 Shields model which is dynamic design tool useful for all aspects of our lives from understanding our natural rhythms, to repairing our neurobiological and sensory systems.

The 8 shields model can be used for planning events and projects to designing peaceful regenerative communities and culture repair. It is a pattern language that has been tried and tested over millennia of human existence, all over the world and it belongs to us al.

What is in it for you? Stories, songs, games, young people as mentors and leaders, nature activities, nature education, learning about the 8 shields, wilderness, supportive community and much more.

All volunteers part of the Acorn team have considerable experience running nature connection events for communities.



The meeting point is at Pillar of Hercules between 1030am and 11am and we will walk to the Falkland Estate woodland grounds.

Address: Pillars of Hercules, Falkland, Fife, KY15 7AD. See google map here.


Times for the community:  Saturday 11am to 5pm. Arrival 10:30am for registration, orientation and a cup of tea.

Times for the Young people: There will be a series of meetings prior to the Festival in order to prepare the activities that will be delivered to the community. We will organise this with you. You will be supported by coordinator Adele Clarke and the acorn team of volunteers.

Donations: Any donations from individuals and families participants to support our charity are gratefully received. The programme is FREE for all young people age 8 to 21yrs old who come as participants or as young leaders.

Important note for all: It takes time to move into the time of no time. To help all of us to make the transition from city into nature we have 1030am as arrival time with half an hour for settling down, slowing down, having a mindfull cup of tea and fully being present in the now without rushing into "doing" or activities. The aim of the day is to totally slow down, relax and just "be present" from the very begining.


About the Falkland Estate where we will be working from:  The beautiful and historic Falkand Estate offers us the chance to deeply connect and immerse in nature in a landscape of diverse habitats.


How to get there:

Bus and coach: Click for more info


By train from Edinburgh: Train from Edinburgh to Ladybank train station in Fife is around 1 hour and from there there are two options to get to Pillars: local bus or taxi. The station is around 5 min by taxi to Pillars of Hercules or there is a regular local bus. Train ticket from Edinburgh is around £12.60 one way. Click for more info.


Car share / travel from Edinburgh: We encourage car share, so get in touch with us to find out if other people have spaces in their car. Likewise: if you are driving and can offer lifts, please let us know.


Important practicalities:


Camping facilities: Those wishing to extend their weekend independent of our programme can book camping with Pillars of Hercules. There is a cost for this and it is pre-paid directly to Pillars on their website. They offer water, hot shower and toilet facilities at their cafe.


Food: Please bring a pack lunch. If camping you will need to bring food for your dinner and breakfast. Pillars of Hercules caffee opens around 9am and closes at 5pm. They serve breakfast, lunch and are also an organic shop.



1) Parents are responsible for their children at all times.                                                                







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Wellbeing in the forest

How to book or more info:


To book click here


Young people who would like to become young leaders in this programme: text us on 07944 156 882 or email us here

Individuals and families wishing to join in as participants: text us on 07944 156 882 or email us here



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The Role of Deep Nature Connection



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