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New Moon in April 2018: Artist Stew-Art

Stew-Art exhibition - Planetary Healing Centre Stew-Art Exhibition at the Planetary Healing Centre

New Moon in March 2018: Ana Duarte & Joao Lima


New Moon in February 2018: Artist Grigorios Karastamatis

New Moon in January 2018: Artist Susanne Sargeant


New Moon in November 2017: Artist Simona Kubenova


New Moon in October 2017: Artist Claudia Goncalves



New Moon in September 2017: Artist Tim Edmunds



New Moon in August 2017: Artist Olwen Ballantyne

Olwen Ballantyne


New Moon in July 2017: Holidays


New Moon in June 2017: Artist Louise Adam


New Moon in May 2017: Artist Susie Sparkle


New Moon in April 2017: Artist Maria Alonso


New Moon in March 2017: Artist Faracy Moon Grouse


New Moon in February 2017: Artist Lucy Herliczka


New Moon in January 2017: Artist Agnieszka Narloch




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"It has been an absolute delight to host the Art Exhibition at the Planetary Healing Centre. It is a huge success with the Community and so inspiring!

Claudia Goncalves (co-founder / director)

f you are an artist and would like to exhibit your work at the Planetary Healing Centre, please contact Claudia.