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Celtic Medicine Wheel: The Tree of life

With Louise Fire Tree

Dates: Specific Tuesdays

**** 15th May **** 22nd May **** 29th May ****

Time: 7:30pm to 9pm

Drop-ins: £15 waged/£10 concession
Block of 4: £40 waged/£25 concession

The Celtic Tree of life is the central symbol for celtic and druid traditions, trees are believed to be the gatekeepers of the portals and can teach us about the ongoing cycle of life, death and rebirth. Past, present and future which are also linked to the "3 worlds" upperworld, underworld and middle world. In the tree of life the branches represent the upperworld, the roots represent the underworld and the trunk represents this physical world.

Taking a journey through the Celtic Tree of life in 3 sessions, it will introduce some themes around these 3 worlds. How we can work with this realm for guidance and healing, guided meditation, shamanic journeying for deeper exploration and calling on the wisdom of the trees. The trees are the knowledge and medicine keepers, many have properties for healing, divination, protection and more. As they are deeply connected to the cycles of the earth, they can teach us how to stay grounded yet adaptable to the cycles of life.

Although traditionally the trees are not connected to a specific realm or above, below and centre. They embody all realms as with the tree of life. However, certain trees can help us to get a better experiential level of understanding for that particular realm and so we will work with them as a helpful guide for the teachings.

In addition we will focus on how you can connect with the trees and directions in your everyday life and help to use the medicine wheel like a map for rebalancing when you are confused, stuck or in need of healing. These can be applied to many aspects of life including personal growth, general guidance, work, projects and relationships.


Please book with Louise via or text 07970282533 in advance to guarantee your place.
Louise is also available for Private Sessions, you can find more on

Upperworld ( Gwynvyd, Above) - Oak

Heavens. Faith. Protection. Future. Manifestation
Above is the upperworld, connected to the great mystery, cosmos or universal consciousness. In these celestial realms we connect to the gods and goddesses, the sun, moon, stars, heavens and higher beings. We can access the infinite intelligence of all that there is and manifest our dreams, connecting to the future.

Underworld (Annwn, Below) - Elder

Earth. Transformation. Past. Death. Rebirth
Below connects us to the underworld, the dark womb of mother earth. This is the place from which everything and nothing grows, from where we get our nourishment for life. As well as where our physical bodies are formed, born and return to. It is also connected to the past and our ancestors, so holds the key of deep wisdom and lessons that can be brought into the present.

Middleworld (Abred, Centre) - Ash

Universal truth. Physical. Present. Embodiment. Life
The middleworld (centre) connects us to the physical realm, where we have the perceived limitations of time/space. Here we have the opportunity to embody the awareness, strength and courage to live a heart centred way. In order to be fully present we build strong roots into the earth as well as tall branches into the sky. This unification of body and spirit, inner and outer worlds can allow us to access the universal truth that resides within us.

About Louise

Louise began her path with spirit at a very young age, often finding solace in plants, animals and nature, growing up connected with the lands and elemental spirits of Ireland and Scotland. She has recently travelled to Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil to connect with Indigenous teachings, blending her training through South American Medicine with continued exploration of her deep roots in Celtic Traditions. This particular path connects spirits, ancestors, plant medicines and lands together in order to facilitate an accelerated approach to healing and ceremonial work. In this time of rapid change and the impact on the earth as well as its inhabitants, a new approach is needed that is infused with the great wisdom of these ancient traditions.


Louise is also available for Private Sessions, you can find more on 

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Drop-ins: £15 waged/£10 concession
Block of 4: £40 waged/£25 concession

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