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Advanced  Hypnotherapist 5PATH® CHBP CHFP Member NRAH & CHNC & EFT* Practitioner

My name is Jill Dowling and I am a fully qualified Professional Advanced Hypnotherapist & EFT* Practitioner volunteering my Hypnotherapy and EFT* Services Fortnightly at The Planetary Healing Centre.

I have long been involved in helping others and having combined the powers of Hypnotherapy and EFT* to augment my Hypnotherapy Success 4u Service offering rapid access to a speedy and safe result without the negative side effects some experience with medications.

 Hypnotherapy is a rapid, effective method – working with the subconscious mind – to bring about positive life-changing results. It is perfectly Safe and the ‘trance-like’ state of hypnosis is something we are all familiar with when glancing into space, watching the TV screen.  It is especially powerful for those who have tried everything else unsuccessfully and have, as a result, lost hope. 

Hypnotherapy Services Volunteered The Planetary Healing Centre:

Anxiety Release, Panic Attacks, Stress Release, Boosting Confidence, Boosting Self Esteem,  Increasing Motivation, Stop Procrastinating, Calming Nerves, Relaxation, Fears & Phobias, Sleep Insomnia, Increasing Inner Security,  Feeling Good

EFT* Services Volunteered:  Covering the above benefits detailed also

EFT* delivers a speedy effective serviceby working on the acupressure points gaining rapid results using the body’s energy system augmenting the Hypnotherapy Service offered.  

For Private Therapies or further information: or call Jill on 07748 987619


*EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique







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Jill Dowling


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