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Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Past Life work, Extraction work

Time: 2:15

Day: Tuesday


Erika Brown

When I was 12 years old I had my first connection with Quillamama (Mother Moon). At that time I never knew about ‘spirituality’, as my parents were strong evangelistic believers. The only thing I could enjoy in going to the church was when I was playing panpipes and quena (Peruvian flute) in a religious/folklore group, with whom I used to travel locally and to every corner of the Peruvian coast, mountain and Amazon. We were called Jesus Christ’s Messengers. I must admit that our music has been the most unforgettable experience that I never ever wanted to leave behind. The time arrived and when I was 16 years old my parents told me to leave the religious group to focus and pursue my future with a professional career, so this is what I did. I was studying accounting - something that did not make me happy but pleased my parents. That was until I felt such a big connection with learning a new language - English. This course was the most expensive one and, for my dad, looking after my other five siblings, it was just that bit too expensive. So I set up a goal and said to myself if I managed to finish studying Accounting I will get a job and pay for myself something that I really love most, and this is exactly what happened. After 1 year of working at an accountancy office and studying English at the same time, I decided to move from the capital, Lima, to the mountains in Cuzco to become independent and experience a life of freedom from the care of my family. This was unusual for a Latin American woman; usually, we stay at home with parents until up to our mid-thirties! After staying in Cuzco for a month, I organised my life and planned to stay there forever. Then something magical happened, I met my husband after living there for 2 years, and we decided to move to Scotland to start a new life together. During this transition, I had this feeling there was something missing that I always kept to myself, the real meaning of the connection I had with the Quillamama and releasing my emotions talking to her. My husband, Marc-John, gave me some great support and introduced me to my current shamanic teacher, and since the moment I met her, everything made sense in my life.

I’ve been working shamanically with her and her husband for 7 years now and since the moment I fell pregnant 5 years ago, this path of nature has made my soul and being even stronger than before. I understood the meaning of why I came here to Earth; my purpose in life is to bring the message of love and healing from our ancestors - channelled through their ceremonies, shamanic journeys, connection with our animal powers, and to make our minds, souls and physical bodies work in complete harmony. The main message that the spirits always say to me is: “enjoy every second of breathing in and out from your lungs because the universe will always be by your side”.

The connection between the woman and the tree

W: Dear tree, I came here to tell you that I can’t stand this life anymore. I cannot live like these people, disrespecting each other. There is no appreciation for my sacrifice to make things better. I feel weak with no energy to keep going with this uncertainty called life.

T: Dear daughter, I did not bring you to receive this mistreatment. I gave you birth to become a strong warrior, to leave your signature in the stars, to become a woman. Now wipe up your tears and show them that you are strong and good enough to keep going with this life; stamp your path of empowerment in the lives of the women in this world, because this is what you truly are, a strong warrior!! Pachamama is looking after you to keep you grounded, and the stars blink upon you with unconditional love.


A Shamanic Healing with Erika lasts around one hour and a half and prices are on a sliding scale - £65 / £55 /£45



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Erika Brown