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Sacred Sound, Sacred Voice

With Neil Wakeling and Claudia Goncalves

Date: Sunday 25th Feb 2018

Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm - Drop in event by donation to the Indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon project

Venue: Old Saint Paul's Hall, 63 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DH

GOOGLE MAP: Click here  - Please bring a blanket


This is a unique opportunity where two beautiful souls, Neil Wakeling and Claudia Goncalves are bringing their gifts together to share with you in a most memorable event of sacred sound and voice.

Neil's voice and Claudia's sound will touch you deeply, they will take you on a journey, through the Earth to the stars, helping you to meet that greater part of yourself .

Neil's voice carries keys of consciousness, this is the gift he brings. His voice resonates deeply, carrying these keys into your body, your energetic system, bypassing the brain, bypassing conscious thought.

At the same time he channels the elemental energy of wind, the voice of the planet, carrying a message from the heart of mother Earth, lifting you in consciousness, lifting the vibration, tuning your body's energetic circuits, helping emotional blockages to release; prompting a greater flow of energy in the body, releasing trapped potential.

Shifting frequencies, shifting awareness are other gifts Neil and Claudia will share with you on the night.

Come and join us! Family and friends are very welcome. Children over 12 years old are also welcome.


About Neil Walkeling:

Born in the Highlands of Scotland Neil Wakeling has been playing with music and sound since his earliest memories. He is a musician as well as an electronics engineer, gifted with a wonderful power of creativity and a deep understanding of the science of sound.

As a sound healer he channels the elemental energy of wind, resonating the physical and energetic bodies like a tuning fork, grounding, bringing us into our body whilst lifting vibration; tuning the body's energetic circuits, helping emotional blockages to release; helping the flow of energy in the body.  Tuning us to a different frequency.

About Claudia Goncalves:

Born in Brazil, living in Scotland since 1994, Claudia found Scotland to be her true home with many past life memories connecting her to the land and the people here. She has been walking the shamanic path consciously for 36 years since she was 13 years old.

Passionate about the Shamanic ways of being and living, she works closely and supporting community in many ways and levels. She has a deep commitment to the ancestral ways, and her ancestral sounds connect you straight to your heart, to the ways of harmony, beauty, self-empowerment and treading lightly on our Earth Mother.

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Sacred Sound Journey with Neil Walkeling and Claudia Goncalves

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More info: text Claudia on 075 0443 8763

Not able to come but would like to give a donation for the project? Please click here.


Neil Wakeling

Neil Walkeling

Claudia Goncalves 2018

Claudia Goncalves