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Drum Making Workshop

With Ana Duarte & Newton Harper



Date: *** 13th May *** 14th July *** 15th September ***

Time: 10:15am to 6:15pm - Booking only (6 spaces)

Exchange: £240 / £230 / £220 / £210 /  £200 (high / medium / low income / benefits / others)
The workshop is offered on a sliding scale according to financial means

If you struggle to pay for this workshop please talk to us.


Deposit: £100 non-refundable unless you find a replacement 

The booking is confirmed once we have received a deposit.

Venue: Planetary Healing Centre, 288 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh, EH15 2AS


You will learn ancient skills of shamanic drum making in a sacred space, with natural materials sourced responsibly, in a similar way as our ancestors would have created their sacred tools. The drum creates a energetic bridge/sacred space of sound for spirit work. We will open and close sacred space at the start and end of this workshop and honour the spirit of the deer and trees that will be re-birthed as your drum.


Drum Making Workshop - Programme

i) Smudging ceremony

ii) Open the Directions, call Guides, Power Animals and Spirit of the Tree and Deer

iii) Honouring Ceremony

iv) Cutting process

v) Lacing the drum

vi) Making drum beaters

vii) Brief talk about drying process, re-lacing the drum and drum birthing ceremony


At the end of this workshop you will leave with your new shamanic drum, the necessary skills and knowledge to build your own drum and beater, a set of written instructions and a link of a video tutorial.

This is an opportunity to deeply connect with your shamanic tools by making your 14" deer skinned drum thus honouring its spirit.

Tools and materials will be provided.


About the facilitators

Ana and Newton are both shamanic practitioners and volunteers at the Planetary Healing Centre; they both completed up to advanced level of shamanic training with the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre.

Newton is a heart-centred practitioner with a profound understanding of earth energies. With a strong connection to the elemental energies since childhood, and a background in tree surgery and wildlife conservation, Newton is rooted in the glowing filaments of the natural world.

He is especially attuned to bird spirit medicine. He works with sea, woodland and mountain spirits, and is particularly drawn to the Peruvian healing arts.


Ana is a very compassionate practitioner and has fully incorporated the shamanic path in her daily life. In the last few years, she has been offering Shamanic Crafts to the community at the Planetary Healing Centre with the purpose of deepening the connection one has with his/her own tools.

She shares her gifts and medicine with the community. Through her craft classes she creates the environment to allow others achieve a peaceful state of mind. Her goal is for all to realise the universal truth that we are One and that love and compassion are the foundation of Creation.



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