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Transformational Life Coaching and Intuitive Birth Chart readinds


About Antony Nash

My journey as a seeker, teacher and healer began at a young age with astrology becoming my first passion.  For 30 years I have studied and worked with the birth chart as a tool to bring insight, understanding and awareness to both myself and others.  Doing many consultations over the years I began to find that much information and insight was coming not just from the chart but also intuitively.  This intuitive aspect of my work has grown to allow me to connect with my clients, the birth chart and their life path in a deeper way.

Always seeking further avenues for supporting and assisting others in their lives and in their healing journey I was drawn to study and train in transformational life coaching as a means of guiding a person in exploring what is true for them, finding clarity about who they want to be, identifying the blocks that are holding them back and finding a path to heal and empower themselves to move forwards towards the life they want.  

My own progress along the road to self knowledge has taught me to have compassion and patience for myself and for others.  I do not perceive someone seeking guidance as lost but as actually ready to make an empowering leap forwards on their life path.  For this reason I came to the realization that supporting others as they grow and deepen in self awareness is something I am deeply passionate about.  And so, as a coach and as an astrologer, sharing in another person’s journey towards greater freedom, fulfillment and joy truly feels like a privilege and a gift.


Transformational life Coaching

60 minutes per session / 6 sessions recommended.  £65 per session

Life is a journey.   And as with every journey we all experience times where we are unsure which road to take or how to take the next step on the road before us.  If our vision of the path ahead is not clear we can find ourselves feeling stuck or dissatisfied without understanding why.  Coaching can address any area of your life that you are ready to bring meaningful change to.  From career, relationships and health/fitness to creativity, self esteem, life purpose and more, coac hing can support you in the process of uncovering what is true for you today and what the possibilities are for moving forwards in a way that feels authentically you.   Regardless of the area of focus, the growth in self awareness that coaching can bring will bring greater understanding and fulfillment to all aspects of your life.

As a transformational life coach I work with you to explore and find a path towards the life goals and experiences you are seeking, a path that moves you forwards in your life and also deeper into your authentic self.  The transformation occurs as you work to explore, discover, understand, empower and transform your idea of who you are.  The coach’s role is to guide, encourage and, where necessary, challenge you as you explore the process of self discovery and take ownership of the path that feels true to you.

As we work together we will create a map of the way ahead and define the stepping stones that can get you to where and who you want to be.

For maximum benefit the transformational coaching journey takes place over six sessions approximately 3 to 4 weeks apart.  There is no obligation to commit to all six sessions in order to begin.  I offer a free preconsultation before we begin in order to explain the coaching process and to answer any questions you may have.

Intuitive Birth Chart Readings:
60 minutes per session.  £65 per session

The birth chart can give insight into a person's life challenges, lessons and experiences.  It can help you to better understand why you are experiencing what you are experiencing and provide you with the tools and awareness you can use to move through the challenge.  Current and future trends can be seen as the planets continue to interact with your chart, leading us towards ever greater levels of self understanding and growth.  From relationships, work and money to the healing of old patterns and spiritual growth, learn how your life purpose and life lessons relate to your current life experience as shown in your birth chart, your blueprint for your life.  Understand who you are and what you are here to do.


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Antony Nash - transformational life coaching facilitator at the Planetary Healing Centre

Antony Nash



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Charges for sessions with Antony:

Tansformational Life Coaching: 1 hour: £65

Intuitive Birth Chart readings: 1 hour: £65